Ava Jackman’s Shop & Stroll

Deborra-Lee Furness was spotted with her 4-year-old daughter Ava shopping with the grandparents at Doodle Doo’s children’s boutique in New York City on Monday (December 7).

Just last week, we saw Ava and her Wolverine star papa, Hugh Jackman, playing at a local playground.

Hugh and Deb are also parents to 9-year-old son Oscar.

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Photo credit: MARIO MAGNANI/bauergriffinonline.com


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  1. GreenEyesFreckles87

    I love Hugh Jackman, but seriously, this kid is too big and too old to still be in a stroller. Especially this one. If you insist on letting her continue to ride in a stroller, at least get her a bigger one. She can barely fit in this one!

  2. Anna

    She is always walking and running around, so why is it so bad that she rests in a stroller every now and then?

  3. Terry

    They are barely using the stroller. I think they took it because it was a long walk and to carry her would be hard for Deb.

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