Giveaway: Kushies

Kushies is the creative approach to child development. Inspired by EQ, the Theory of Emotional Intelligence, and with the guidance of child development experts, the ZQ™ approach nurtures emotional self-confidence while fostering cognitive and physical growth. Kushies Zolo toy’s progressive design stimulates the recruitment of a greater variety of brain cells than traditional baby products, which helps to create a more open-minded, flexible thinker. The Zolo toy line encourages self-expression, builds self-confidence, and inspires the imagination. Click here to see the complete Kushies Zolo toy collection.

We are giving away a Kushies toy set ($200 value). One lucky winner will receive: Cha Cha Barbells, Cha Cha Barbell stacker, Fuzzi Poofi, Fuzzi Mirror, Stacrobats, Boa and Ha Ha Ringo.

Also exclusive to our readers is 10% discount. All you have to do is enter code cbszolo10 at checkout.

*HOW TO ENTER* Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite product sold at Kushies and 1 winner will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day. This contest ends Friday, December 11 at 7 P.M. EST. Entries open to US residents only. Good luck!
*Contest Rules*
Congratulations to the winner of our Sarah Chloe giveaway: Sara!

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  1. Mo

    These products are all so cool. I think my favorite is the Safari Organic Long Johns; adorable and responsible.

  2. juliecupcake

    I LOve Kushies products from their diaper liners to their bed crib sheets sets, the patterns are original and very trendy !!

  3. Anonymous

    I love the Dog Activity Book!!

  4. Jean

    Love their products. Especially ella the elephant blanket

  5. Meara Demko

    Can’t pick a favorite– I love them all!

  6. I like the Play Garden Magnetic Activity Garden

  7. I like the Play Garden Magnetic Activity Garden

  8. I like the Peeko Multi-Sensory Surprise Box

  9. Heather McD

    I like the Peeko Multi-Sensory Surprise Box

  10. Heather McD

    I like the Peeko Multi-Sensory Surprise Box

  11. Casey

    The “Play Garden Magnetic Activity Garden” is too cute for words!

  12. Chris

    Yay for Stacrobats!!! What a great line!!

  13. CJ

    Their products are beautiful. I love the organic crb bedding.

  14. Mik

    Great products, I really like the ella the elephant blanket, so cute! thanks.

  15. Mel

    Their products are so great! They’re all so cute.

  16. mrs. p

    The Shangrila Multi-Sensory Activity Mat & Portico Archway Accessory would be perfect for my baby girl due xmas day!

  17. Alex

    My favorite is the Cha Cha barbells. Even if I don’t win I will be buying this for my godson!

  18. Alex

    My favorite is the Cha Cha Barbells. Even if I don’t win I will be buying this for my godson!

  19. Allison

    I love the waterproof training pants. Perfect for my 2 year old.

  20. Alison M

    I think I would enjoy playing with the Fuzzi Shag Sensory Pleasing Toy!!

  21. rachel s

    I like the boa stacking rings, very colorful, and cute!

  22. Ella

    The dog activity book is cute!

  23. Tiffany

    I like the Max the Monkey toy. cute!

  24. Alexis

    I’m having my baby on Thursday – this would be an amazing first gift for him!! Thank you for profiling these!

  25. Mo

    I love the safari organic long johns!

  26. Jillian La Serna

    I love all the sensory toys!

  27. Anne K.

    Love these toys!!! I’m a preschool teacher and these are perfect for kids that like to bop other kids because their soft! Love the cha cha barbells really I love them all and they would be perfect in a classroom!

  28. Anne K.

    Love all these sensory toys! They would be perfect in a classroom full of little kids.

  29. CJ

    Those toys are so cool…and the organic crib bedding is great.

  30. Ababybird

    Folio Photo Album-To-Go! I love the colors of all the toys :o)


    These toys are all so cool! My favorites are the sensory toys and I love the fact that everythings Organic. 🙂

  32. Jennifer Pellicone

    My favorite toy is the Tamborino.
    cspmom at gmail dot com

  33. Kevin

    My little girl would love the hooded bath towel.

  34. Amelie

    My baby is due soon and these look like wonderful toys to fill its room with!!!!!!!!

  35. Jessica

    I love the By The Sea Reversible Blanket, soo cute!
    Thanks CBS for this awesome giveaway!! You rock!!

  36. Andrea

    My favorite toy is the BOA Stacking Ring with Sounds. I went to your website to choose a favorite. I searched for the Stacrobats you mention in the giveaway on your website, but couldn’t find it. What attracted me to your toys in the ad was the visual and tactile appeal, so colorful, so enticing. I thought one of your toys could help a man I know of age 64 go through the nurturing and security stage he missed when he was a baby to a tot. He is similar to the adult who missed the crawling stage and has to go back to that stage and crawl as an adult. My favorite I chose took him into account, but unfortunately it is not included in your $200 giveaway. Do you have any other suggestions for me? His emotional IQ, ability to trust and love are extremely low if non-existent. He has Asperger’s syndrome with very high intelligence in some areas. Other than a blanket with satin I am at a loss. Maybe one or two of your products may help??? Seeking better quality and fuller life for him. Please help.

  37. Canuck

    I love the Flannel Portable Play Pen Fitted Sheets . I’ve used them exclusively now for two years. No better one to be found on the market!

  38. Mo

    I love the organic safari long johns!

  39. CJ

    I like the organic crib bedding.

  40. Kevin

    These toys look great and I’m sure my daughter would go crazy for them.

  41. Andrea

    I love the Bohemian Flowers Corduroy Jacket. It would look great on my little girl!

  42. Jessica

    My daughter loves the Folio photo album…we live across the country from our family and this awesome product helps her know their faces. THANKS KUSHIES!!!

  43. Shannon F.

    I would LOVE this package! I was just telling my husband that my daughter has no toys!
    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  44. Jessica

    I love the By The Sea Reversible Blanket, soo cute!
    Thanks CBS for this awesome giveaway!! You rock!!

  45. Mo

    I love the organic safari long johns!

  46. Shannon F.

    I love the toys best, but the organic sheets they offer are really reasonable!


    I also love the Kushies Swaddling Blanket in blue!

  48. CJ

    I really like the organic crib bedding.

  49. Kevin

    I’m excited about this giveaway; my little girl will love these toys!

  50. Gigohead

    The Fuzzi Nubbinz is my favorite.

  51. Jessica

    I love the By The Sea Reversible Blanket, soo cute!
    Thanks CBS for this awesome giveaway!! You rock!!

  52. Mo

    I love all of these products, especially the organic safari long johns.

  53. Julie Ann

    I love the Kushies……………and have a brand new 3 month old grand son, what a great combo!!! His big brother has a chacha rattle and he is loving it already. His big brother is loving sharing that with him!!!

  54. CJ

    I love the organic crib bedding.

  55. Kevin

    My little girl would go crazy for these toys. I’m crossing my fingers!

  56. Kerrie G

    I like the Dobbi Dog Blanket

  57. MaloneAlice31

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