Tom Cruise & His Sevilla Sweethearts

After wrapping up a day of filming Knight and Day, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their 3 1/2-year-old daughter Suri were spotted departing from the set for some family time in Sevilla, Spain on Monday (December 7). Katie and Tom were bundled up for the cool weather while Suri carried a blanket and wore another pair of high heels on the family outing.

We just spotted the Holmes-Cruises enjoying the sights of Sevilla yesterday. Always the fashionista, Suri wore a pink Spanish flamenco dress with a new pair of red polka dot high heels during their travels.

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Photo credit: Fame / Flynet / Bauer Griffin


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  1. Anonymous

    How is this kids suppose to play??? The damn heels and no coat agian!! So not appropriate. I have never seen anything like this before. They soooo need to get a clue! This kid also seems like such a spoiled brat!!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    She is a girly girl…maybe playing in her eyes is dressing up. Leave the poor kid alone. I honestly think those pink heels are ADORABLE.

  3. Sonya

    Do long sleeved dresses not exist in the Cruise-Holmes world?

  4. It is often a struggle to get my 4 year old to wear a coat, but I think when it’s that cold even mine will put on her coat.

    The shoes are adorable and I think she likely wants to be like her mom and dress up. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

  5. Peta

    She’ll be able to handle 4″-6″ heels like a pro before she’s 12. Those look like *squints* 1.5″-2″ to me, and she’s almost 4. At least they’re thick; a little more stable than those dance ones.

    Her thermoregulation system must be out of this world, though. Mum and Dad and every other adult pictured is bundled up, while she’s completely unaffected. She’s one very special child.

  6. em

    hate to be mean but i agree.. first impression of this little girl is a spoiled brat whose parents let her get her way! but i blame tom and katie i mean what ever happened to boundaries?

  7. Alice

    I thought like most of you however I can’t help but think… if a child feels cold surely she would complain or wrap herself up in the cardigan instead of letting it float in the wind like Suri does… if she got sick from the cold surely her parents wouldn’t take her out in summer clothes, and it would show on pictures anyway.
    So in the end… if she feels okay and isn’t getting sick, why make her wear a coat at all? Is it really not setting boundaries, or about doing what’s right for your child regardless of other childrens’ constitution and sensitivity to the cold?
    If I feel cold in the summer I’ll wear a jumper even if everyone else is in shorts. Maybe Suri is lucky eough to be able to do it the other way around.

  8. Anonymous

    tom and katie are such clueless parents.

  9. Anonymous

    Katie has serious fashion issues. And to all those who say high heels are fine sometimes…ummm when does she NOT wear them?

  10. Anonymous

    I look at this child and only one phrase comes in mind: daddy, i want another pony.

  11. milla

    yeah i dont wanna be mean but i always thought she was kinda a spoiled brat and never said so…. now i feel better about saying so XD 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    i think everybody should calm down. shes a little girl and all little girls like to dress up. She is playing around in heels, big deal. And how can people call her a spoilt brat from just looking at a picture of her? If she was cold she would put a jacket on, its pretty clear that shes holding one.

  13. leah

    Wonder what her personality will be when she’s older. These pictures these past days make me wonder, wonder, wonder!

  14. Anonymous

    Give the kid a bow or a headband…..her hair is always in her eyes! The shoes and no coat are just as weird.

  15. Lo

    ‘shes a little girl and all little girls like to dress up. She is playing around in heels, big deal.’
    Then I guess it’s dress up everyday in Suri’s world considering that’s all her parents dress her up in lately.

  16. Katrina

    lol, I never wore a coat as a kid.. I rode my bike to school in 30 degree weather with shorts and a tshirt. I always HAD a coat with me, but i never wore it. Sweating profusely isn’t a comfortable situation.

    I loooove that they arent giving into the bad feedback they are getting about dresses and heels and all things girly and enjoyed by suri. You guys are seriously manic, spending way too much time freaking out because a little girl gets to wear dresses and small heels.. lol. She likes what she likes. If she was a tomboy, she would wear sneakers and jeans. The only reason to force her into other clothing would be to exert meaningless control over her just to control.

  17. anne

    Hah! I’ve finally figured out the heels business: Suri’s playing *Daddy* dress-up! 😀

  18. SarahEG

    It’s so easy to be critical if it isn’t your own child.

    I don’t think those shoes are going to do anything bad to her feet. They arn’t that high. My daughter has several shoes that have a bit of a heal to them. If I wasn’t worried about her ruining them, I would be fine with her wearing them everyday. But, sadly I don’t have enough money to have her wear her fancy shoes on a daily basis.

    As for the coat, I also don’t see what the big deal is. You don’t get sick from not wearing a coat. You get sick from viruses. Having a coat on or off won’t change that. She isn’t going to die from being in the cold without a coat on.

    By the way, her dress is very cute.

  19. Anon1

    If a child is cold, they will let you know. We have never seen Suri shivering. Maybe her parents know that their child is not as cold as they are. I hated it when my mom forced me to wear coats.

    Re heels: I am glad her parents are not giving in to pressure. She is their child not yours.

    Suri looks a lot like Tom in these pictures

  20. LJSS

    I have no problem with Suri not wearing a coat. Children do have their own minds and they can be obstinate on certain things. What I have a problem with is the high heeled shoes. If you’re going to pick your battles as a parent, mine would be about putting heels on a developing skeletal structure and back of very young little girl. I just think Katie & Tom should thinking about the longterm affects of heels on their little girl’s growth. Still, this whole girly girl thing could be a fad that Suri grows out of, but I dont think so.

  21. Janie

    Tom and Katie are pathetic parents. Everyone is bundled up in winter clothing and Suri has on a sleeveless dress. What is up with her wearing heels all of the time? She is a 4 year old! Katie looks like an old miserable woman!

  22. Anonymous

    Katie really looks bad, this women is not happy and is clearly drugged up, she needs to get out of this marriage before it destroys her. It is clear that this marriage has not helped little Suri, everyone keeps saying she is a little girl, she is a little girl only in age but not in actions, her behavior is like an adult (very disturbing). Suri is around too many adults around the clock, this is why she does not know how to be a child. This is the time Suri should be smiling (she never smiles), running around being a happy carefree child. Tom is clearly disturbed which is not good for this family. It is a blessing that Nicole was freed from that crazy man thus saving her sanity, although she lost her two children in the process (by no fault of her own). Now if Katie would do the same, I believe we will see that happy carefree Katie we used to see before she met crazy Tom.

  23. Soaplover

    Suri is such a cutie! That dress is cute!
    Even if she did have that little sweater/coat on that she has in her hand, you guys would still nag nag nag about the heels.
    Tom and Katie are her parents, not you.
    If you people are such great parents, get your butt off of the computer and go play with YOUR kids, instead of wasting time posting about a lost cause. (Tom and Katie aren’t going to read these comments!) 😉

  24. ohgod

    what is the big deal?! she’s what . . . three or four years old. so what she wears dresses, it isn’t like she’s looking like one of those horrid lacquered up little girls in those kiddy pageants. besides that it’s just a friggin’ phase. she’ll probably grow out of it. you all talk like tom and katie are involved in sex trafficiking, and are prostituting her. self-righteous pinheads.

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