Jennie Garth: “I Want A Boy Every Day”

Jennie Garth feels blessed to have her daughters Luca, 12, Lola, 7, and Fiona, 3… but admits she’d love to add a baby boy to the mix.

“I want a boy every day. Yes I do. I love them,” the busy mom tells OK! “We’re so fortunate, and I don’t ever want to push that envelope. You think, ‘I have three healthy, great kids, and I’m so lucky’ that I would be scared to have more. But I would be willing to take the risk. I do want a boy.”

Jennie says that she has a great partner in parenting in her husband of almost 9 years Peter Facinelli (who was recently named People magazine’s “Sexiest Dad Alive”).

“He’s very hands-on,” the 90210 star reveals. “He doesn’t watch football or sports, he doesn’t drink beer. He’s not a guy’s guy in that respect. Not that he’s not a guy’s guy … that sounds bad. But I’m lucky, I’m so lucky that he doesn’t drink or sm … well, heh … he’s just a rare find, so I’m really, really lucky.”

Still, she says there are times when he gets overwhelmed being the only guy in a house full of girls.

“Sometimes I’ll hear the Harley thing rev up, and I’ll know he’s had enough estrogen for one day and he’s gotta get out of the house,” Jennie says. “There’s a lot hormones going on right now in my house.”

What’s his secret to surviving all those hormones? In a word: Patience.

“I’m in a house full of women,” the New Moon star says. “To be in a house full of women – I have three daughters, and I’m surrounded by women – you need a lot of patience, I think. Maybe that’s my lesson in life – to learn patience.“

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They have only been married for 8, almost 9 years.


Thanks lesh!

You’re right, they’ve been married for 8, together for 13.


i love jennie, i really do. she seems like an amazing mother. but to say something like ‘i want a boy every day’ seems wrong, somehow. if she were to say ‘i’d love to have a boy’ it’d be normal – understandable. but if i were her daughter and had to grow up and read that every day of my life, my mother wished she had a son, it would hurt me. JMO


i bet they’ll try for that boy. why not?