Jesse James & Sandra Bullock Lose Custody Of Sunny For Christmas

Jesse James and his wife, Sandra Bullock, won’t be spending Christmas with Jesse’s 5 1/2-year-old daughter, Sunny. A judge ruled in favor of Sunny’s mother, adult film star Janine Lindemulder, during a hearing in an Orange County, Calif., court on Monday, December 7, Life & Style reports.

“Jesse sat quietly in court and let his lawyer to do the talking, while his ex represented herself,” a source reports. “She was told she could pick up Sunny at 4 p.m. on Christmas Eve and return her by 6 p.m. the next day, but her husband, Jeremy Aikman, a two-time felon, won’t be allowed to be there.”

Sandra, who was not in attendance at the hearing, has been helping raise Sunny since January, when Lindemulder was imprisoned for tax evasion. Since her release from prison, Lindemulder has been fighting for custody of Sunny and has faced accusations of being an unfit mother.

Although Lindemulder’s previous request for regular sleepovers was denied, an exception was made for the Christmas season. Jesse’s lawyer battled to have the special request thrown out since Lindemulder is doing Web-cam porn from her house, but the judge sided with the mother.

Jesse was reportedly visibly upset afterward and refused to comment as he left court. Lindemulder happily told Life & Style, “I’m so excited about Christmas. I can’t believe it. Thank God.”

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  1. melanie1983

    They still get to spend Christmas with her…

  2. Maru

    Poor little girl. I know sometimes parents can’t agree with each other, but it’s already horrible watching them fight at your house, with just you listening, it must be worst to get the whole thing into court.

  3. Jack

    Im sorry but people who arent involved in their childs life do to choice or something they did shouldnt be allowed to pop in just for the holidays. The courts should not allow this to happen. Give them the day after or whatever but not the actual day. Its ridiculous! If they cant be around all year there is no reason they should get the special days.

  4. Anonymous

    Strange ruling. So the mother’s husband is deemed dangerous enough to be not allowed near the child and yet the court still allows said mother to spend Christmas Day with her daughter at her house? Where the husband supposedly lives too?
    And Jesse, the father who has been the main caring parent in his daughter’s live for much of the year, if not longer, isn’t allowed to spend the one day which is arguably one of the most important ones when it comes to family and children, with his child?
    Melanie, what do you mean they will still spend Christmas together, she’ gone the whole day?

  5. Anonymous

    Janine is a great mother and has raised Sunny for most of her life. Most of you on here dont even know what you are talking about it. Unless you personally know these people in real life you should’nt be judging….because all you really know if a facade. If you personally knew Janine you would realize that she is a great mother who loves her children and Sunny adores her.

  6. Anna

    Once your divorced you need to share these holidays. That is why people need to think twice before they have children with someone.

    Anyway they can spend the evening of Christmas day and 2nd Christmas day with her.

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