Larry Birkhead & His Bahamas Babe

Larry Birkhead was spotted holding his 3-year-old daughter Dannielynn close at the airport in Nassau, Bahamas departing to the United States on Monday (December 7).

Dannielynn’s late mother, Anna Nicole Smith, was residing in the Bahamas prior to her death in February 2007. Smith and her boyfriend-attorney Howard K. Stern were reportedly staying in the Bahamas to avoid paternity testing of Dannielynn in the United States.

On April 10, 2007, a Bahamian court ruled that DNA testing proved that Larry Birkhead is the father of Dannielynn.

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  • Elise

    Dannyelynn is sweet little girl. Anna didn’t love nor respected Dannie’s bio father that’s why she put Howard’s name on birth certificate. She wanted to start new life in the Bahamas. It’s a very sad story.

  • Maru

    ^ I agree. It’s a sad story. I didn’t know about that, thank you 🙂 But i don’t think she had any right to do that. I mean Larry is Dannie’s father, he has the right to know his daughter. At least he could keep her 🙂
    I think every father, as long as they are good fathers (or mothers) have the right to see their children.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps an impromptu trip to Anna Nicole’s final resting place? I’m sure it is very difficult for Larry and his daughter to deal with Anna’s death, especially since it has been such a public spectacle. We can only hope that Larry decides not to prolong the saga any further and simply lets Anna’s laughable estate case, that she fought in court for so long against the Marshall family, finally come to a close.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure SPLASH and ET were there, Birkhead has a long-term contract with them. I hope we’ll see Dannielynn on ET. She posed on mother’s grave last year too. Regarding Marshall case, Larry Birkhead wants that money that’s why he was with Anna Nicole.

  • Noodlemonkey

    The chances are slim to none that he or Dannie will ever see a penny.

  • noodlejunkey

    chances are high that you noodlemonkey will continue to stalk larry and his child going on every blog and posting the same message zzzzzz. get a life

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