Nikon COOLPIX S640: A Digital Camera Built For Speed & Ease Of Use

To capture all of those memorable moments during this holiday season, a digital camera is definitely a must have item. Over the last few weeks I was given the opportunity to test out Nikon’s new COOLPIX S640 digital camera. As a photographer, my camera of choice is a Digital SLR but I really wanted to try out a camera that could be slipped into your shirt pocket (yes it was a gift idea for my husband ;-).

Nikon has really thought of everything with this camera! The slim compact design is great for traveling and features a high-quality 2.7 -inch Clear Colour Display with an ultra wide-viewing angle, anti-reflection coating, fingerprint and water repellent layer, and screen brightness boost function.

This camera also features CR (Vibration REduction) Image Stabilization for blur-free images even in low-light or unsteady conditions (compensates for camera shake) – and Scene Auto Selector, which automatically recognizes the scene and adjusts camera settings accordingly. There is even a motion detection with automatically controls shutter speed and the ISO setting to compensate for subject movement as well as camera shake.

In addition to the In-Camera Red-Eye fix (which corrects any red-eye before saving the image to memory), there is also a Blink Proof function which automatically shoots two frames and saves the one where the subject’s eyes are open! Another cool feature is Nikon’s Smart Portrait System which includes the new Skin Softening feature which is designed to smooth and even skin tones.

The best feature of this camera is it’s speed. The Nikon COOLPIX S640 features an ultra-fast focus and world’s fastest start-up item in its class of a mere 0.7 seconds, so it’ll always be ready to capture the moment. Like all Nikon COOLPIX cameras, the S640 incorporates Nikon’s world-class NIKKOR lenses, delivering extremely accurate detail and brilliant colour, as well as Nikon’s EXPEED advanced digital image processing system technologies, which ensure high-quality pictures with amazing colour and sharpness. For the children that run away from you as soon as the camera comes out, this is certainly a bonus!!

Other features & specs:

* Subject Tracking with auto lock-on: This is very useful when you are trying to capture children during their natural movement as it tracks and focuses on the subject once automatically detecting a human face. It even works if the person moves out of the frame and comes back three seconds later!

* Quick Retouch: Allows you to create a retouched copy with the “fixed” contrast and saturation within the camera itself!

* 2 movie modes with sound

* Macro shooting from as close as 2 cm and a 5X zoom lens

* Scene Auto Selector

* USB connectivity with charging via AC Adaptor

* 45 MB of internal memory

* Can shoot any image size up to a maximum 4000 x 3000 pixels

* Light sensitivity settings of as high as ISO 6400

For those looking for a camera with affordability, ease of use, point-and-shoot capability and a wide variety of bonus features, this would be a good pick!

Please visit Nikon for a list of retailers in your area.

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