Dean McDermott On His Family’s Holiday Traditions

Reality star dad Dean McDermott is looking forward to the holidays! The star of the TV movie Santa Baby 2, who has kids Liam, 2, and Stella, 1, with his wife Tori Spelling and son Jack, 11, from a previous relationship, chatted to Entertainment Tonight about a few of his favorite things about the holiday season.

On his favorite holiday memory: “I have a very funny one. I remember my middle sister Dawn dancing with my dad on Christmas day. My mom was really proud of her white, fake Christmas tree. My dad spun Dawn and they took the tree right out. My mom was pretty steamed, but we all had a good laugh.”

On his and Tori’s family traditions: “We are starting a tradition. Every year we adopt a family and make sure they have presents under the tree and all the things they need for the holiday. Our tradition is to gather our friends and family, lock all the doors and do a lot of nothing. Open the presents and graze all day and have a big turkey dinner at the end of the day.”

On whether Tori’s mom Candy – with whom she recently reunited – will be joining them for Christmas: “You never know. That is definitely a possibility. Candy has seen Liam and Stella, which is amazing and a great gift in itself and what it is all about. We are moving forward and keeping everything private the way it should be.”

On the next season of Tori & Dean: “We are filming season five right now, which will be premiering in March. You will see a lot more Dean and Tori antics. We always get up to something crazy. We do something together — take a class together or something like that. There will be second and third birthdays. ‘T’ puts on pretty good birthday parties and more of my motorcycle racing. I have taken it up a notch. I will be racing a full season this season.”

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  • Soaplover

    Love this family!
    Stella and Liam are so cute and think Tori and Dean’s relationship is fantastic!
    Cant’t wait for the new season, especially the birthday parties!

  • Anonymous

    I love Tori and Dean. They seem so down to earth and nice! I love how much they love each other and their kids. I can’t wait to see the new season of Tori and Dean!!

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