Jude Law & His London Lad

Jude Law took his 7-year-old son Rudy Christmas shopping at Bohemia in London, England on Friday (December 11). Jude and his ex-wife Sadie Frost are also parents to son Rafferty, 13, and daughter Iris, 9.

Recently Jude became a father for the fourth time with Samantha Burke who gave birth to their daughter Sophia on September 22.

Samantha recently said she hopes the pair will quickly form a close bond:

I hope for him to be just as good as he is to his three children by Sadie Frost. He’s a great father to his three kids. She’s his daughter and I believe he’ll come through. I mean once you see her face, how can you deny it?”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Poshexpressions

    I hope so to, it’s the right thing to do. Good luck.

  • Lola P

    Samantha Burke needs to keep her mouth shut and her legs closed… Simple as that. She knows absolutely nothing about this man she has a 1 night stand with and if she really wants him to be part of the child’s life, then she needs to stop talking to the media and press about something that should be private.

  • anne

    Following up on the issue of lack of class or decorum (and not that certain people should “know their place” or to deny that it takes two) . . . The Washington Post’s Roxanne Roberts had it exactly right with regard to celebrity liaisons: you should only partner up with someone who has as much to lose (or gain, as the case may be) as you do. Thus endeth the lesson.

  • Anonymous

    Lola, Samantha didn’t get herself pregnant. She’s a grown woman who can talk to whomever she pleases.

    I sincerely hope Jude has taken the time out to spend time with his youngest daughter.

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