Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett Welcome A Baby Boy!

He’s finally here!

After going into labor on Wednesday (December 9), Kendra Wilkinson and husband Hank Baskett’s first child has arrived!

Hank Randall Baskett IV was born via cesarean on December 11 at 12:37am in a hospital near Indianapolis, Indiana, tipping the scales at 9lbs, 5oz and measuring 22 inches in length.

“We are all healthy and incredibly happy and can’t wait to spend every moment with little Hank,” the proud new parents tell OK! exclusively.

Kendra and Hank, who announced their pregnancy in June, were married just weeks later at the Playboy mansion.

Congratulations to happy couple!

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Photo credit: Kendra Wilkinson's Official Blog


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  1. Jamie

    I wonder if it was an emergency cesarean since she was in labor for so long, and they baby was pretty big.

    Anyways, congrats to the couple!

  2. GreenEyesFreckles87

    You might be right. I wasn’t a large baby or anything, but they had to induce labor on my Mom, and she was in labor for a long time. I was a second away from being a c-section.

    Anyway, congratulations Hank and Kendra! And welcome to the world, Hank IV!

  3. Janie

    Congratulations! Now hopefully Kendra will fade away and go take care of her baby instead of trying to be in the media every day since she is a nobody!

    • Anonymous

      And you Janie? Who the h are you? Yes you are a jealous ass nobody!
      Jealous and a nobody! Kendra congratulations to you and Hank! I had a 10 pound baby girl and a C section so I know you feel 100 pounds lighter right now!! what a great Holiday present!!!

  4. Jamie [Phatchik]

    WOW! That is a big baby! And TALL! Just like his daddy, I guess….

  5. Desiree

    My daughter was 9lbs 6oz!

    Congrats Kendra ^_^

  6. Anonymous

    OH and you Janie? Who are you a jealous someboday…no you are a jealous nobody!
    Congrats to Kendra and Hank! Baby must be beautiful! I had a 10 lb baby girl and I bet Kendra feels 100 pounds lighter right now!
    what a wonderful Xmas gift!

  7. Stephanie

    My son was 10 lbs 10 oz and 22 inches long and my daughter 9 lbs 1 oz and 22 inches long. Big babies are fun. Congrats. and let’s hope maybe their marriage will last a long long time .

  8. Tarah

    I had a 9lb baby boy and I thought he was huge, congrats to Kendra and Hank!

  9. rachel s

    WOW!! Two weeks early and he weighed that much!! Imagine if she went to 40 weeks or over (like most first time moms do). Congrats to them both!

  10. I’ve always been a fan of both. babies are soooo cool, gr8 work hank and kendra. much jot and happiness for you three. Ps kendra my son (age 7 ) says hi. he says your hot!!!!! 🙂 he loves you show

  11. Maja

    Congratulations on the family expand!
    I’m so happy for them!

  12. Marilyn

    I am so happy for you two. The pregnancy takes so long that when you finally get to see your baby, you are so overwhelmed. I can’t believe the baby was sooooo big! God Bless your family and have a very Merry Christmas.

  13. danielle

    some people have my son beat on weight at 9lbs15oz but so far nobodys got his 23.5 inches beat! and yes i agree with stephanie, big babies are so fun!

  14. Ashley

    I doubt the csection was because of her baby’s size. I had a 9lb3oz baby girl drug-free, at home, after 31 hours of labor. 😀

  15. jodie

    I know how u feel I had a 9pound 5 ounce baby by selection it hurt congrats 2 both of u

  16. Anonymous

    I have everyone beat here. I gave birth naturally to an 18 pound 6 ounce baby boy that was 27 inches long and then the next day I ran the NYC marathon. Google me. And Jodie, that’s awesome that you had your baby by “selection” although I’m not really sure what that means?!

  17. Danielle

    i “googled you” and nothing showed up. hmmm.

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