Gilles Marini: I Love My Kids To Death

We loved him as Samantha’s sexy neighbor in Sex and the City: The Movie and we voted for him on the eighth season of Dancing with the Stars. Gilles Marini – now starring in the TV drama, Brothers & Sisters – sat down with Celebrity Baby Scoop and discussed his “embarrassing” full frontal scene, how fatherhood has given him a new reason for living, and his secrets to a successful marriage. Oh, and you might be interested in his sexy new calendar too!

CBS: You and your wife Carole have a son Georges and a daughter Juliana. What are their ages and what are they into?

GM: “Well, I am emailing this interview right now from Disneyland, where I am having an amazing day with my kids. My daughter is so happy, as is my son. My son is also into soccer and he’s so good at it. Georges is 10 and Juliana is 3. I love them to death!”

CBS: Do you find that you discipline your boy different than your girl? How is your parenting different with each of your children?

GM: “Oh yes, I am so different with them. Georges was raised a lot tougher than my daughter. He is the nicest kid and I did not have to be too hard on him, especially when I saw that he was respectful to others. On the other hand, my wife has to be the cop with Juliana because I really can’t get mad at her, especially when she makes those sad faces.”

CBS: How has fatherhood changed you?

GM: “Everything now is so worth living. I live my life with my family. I will give all I have for them.”

CBS: What are your hopes for your children?

GM: “I want them to be good people to this world.”

CBS: What do you hope to pass on to your children?

GM: “My passion for life.”

CBS: Are your kids excited about Christmas? Do they believe in Santa?

GM: “Yes they love Christmas. And yes, they believe.”

CBS: You were raised in France and once served in the French army. Tell us about that experience.

GM: “I was raised in France and grew up in Cannes. I loved my neighborhood. It was not easy but I learned so much living in the streets and mixing with all races and cultures. I went into the army when I was 18 as a firefighter of Paris. What an amazing experience it was…full of surprises, and the army made me a man pretty quickly. It was so hard but so rewarding.”

CBS: Although you were raised in France, your mother is Greek and your father is Italian. Did you grow up with many different traditions in your household? Was religion a big part of your upbringing?

GM: “Religion was not too big a part of my upbringing, but my mom was always the religious one. My mom’s ancestors are Greek and my dad’s are Italian. We had traditions like Christmas and Easter, but mainly the tradition that my father wanted me to learn was hard work and dedication. He’s my hero.”

CBS: You played Dante, Samantha’s sexy neighbor in Sex and the City: The Movie. Was the full frontal scenes embarrassing to play? Or do you think North American’s are too uptight about nudity and sex?

GM: “No! North Americans are not that uptight about it . And yes, gosh I was pretty embarrassed. But after the first “towel drop” I was in character.”

CBS: How did you meet your wife? What do you think is the secret to a successful marriage?

GM: “I met my wife at 21 in Cannnesina Bar. She was so so sooooooo hot I could not resist. Ha ha. Secret of marriage is communication and ……… A lot of good sex. Lol.”

CBS: Tiger Woods has been making headlines for cheating repeatedly on his wife. Why do you think men cheat? Is a life of monogamy as a sports or Hollywood star really that far fetched?

GM: “You know temptations are very common and hard to ignore. It’s never easy for men or women.”

CBS: You wowed Dancing with the Stars audiences alongside dancing partner Cheryl Burke. What was it like being on that show?

GM: “It was so hard and so amazing at the same time. If I got the chance to do it again, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

CBS: What do you think about the paparazzi taking pictures of you and your family? Does it drive you crazy?

GM: “This is part of Hollywood and they are usually very nice with us.”

CBS: We love seeing you on Brothers & Sisters. Are you enjoying working on that show?

GM: “My most spectacular experiences of my life [are] as an actor. I love the cast and crew and can’t wait to be back on set.”

CBS: If you are working on any other projects or with any charities, please feel free to discuss.

GM: “Yes I am working with The Maximum Hope Foundation. I am selling a 2010 calendar on, and all of my proceeds will go to this charity. It’s something to be proud of.”

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