Matthew Settle: We Celebrate Christmas & Hanukkah

Matthew Settle and wife Naama Nativ are getting ready to celebrate their daughter Aven’s first Hanukkah – and Christmas! The Gossip Girl dad tells OK! that his family of three blends different traditions during the holiday season.

Her mother’s doing the menorah,” Matthew says. “They like Christmas, so we’ll do Christmas as well, and trees are pretty – they smell nice. I guess we’ll get a real tree for her. The most exciting thing I’m looking forward to is watching her try to open a gift. I know at this age, they just want to eat the box.”

The 40-year-old father of one couldn’t help but gush about his 9-month-old little girl.

“She’s crawling around and pulling herself up,” Matthew says. “When she does things like pull herself up to stand, she looks at us for approval and smiles, like ‘look at me, I’m standing.’ She talks. She goes ‘yah, yah, yah, yah,’ and she says ‘dada’ but she doesn’t know what it means. I’m trying to get her to say ‘mama’ because it’s not fair if she just says ‘dada.’”

The proud papa went on to say that his favorite thing to do with Aven is make music.

“I just bought her a piano,” he says. “A little pink piano on 58th Street at one of those piano stores. It’s actually called My First Piano. I play guitar, and she sits at the piano and bangs on it. That’s pretty fun.”

Do you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah in your house? Or both?

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  • We celebrate Hanukkah. I know so many people that celebrate both though.

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