Heidi Klum & Her Mall Munchkins

Supermodel mama Heidi Klum took three of her children – Leni 5 ½, Henry, 4, and 2 ½-year-old Johan – to do some family holiday shopping in Beverly Hills, Calif. today (December 13).

Recently, Heidi’s husband Seal spoke out about his official adoption of her daughter Leni:

It’s only happened fairly recently. But it doesn’t make her any more or less my daughter. She always has been. All it means is that both Heidi and I wanted her to have the same last name as the rest of us. It was about Leni. I don’t want her to feel different because I know what that’s like, being a kind of stepson. And I don’t want that dynamic for my little girl.

Heidi and Seal are also parents to baby Lou, now almost 9-weeks-old.

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  1. Anonymous

    Sigh…. could Seal be any more of a stand-up guy? Heidi is one lucky woman… I just love how Seal puts it “My little girl”.. What a beautiful family!

  2. anja

    Such a beautiful family! Seal must be really great person

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