Kourtney Kardashian Can’t Wait To Meet Her Baby Boy

With just ten days left until her due date, mom-to-be Kourtney Kardashian is getting very excited about the arrival of her son.

The 30-year-old reality TV star took to Twitter tonight to share her anticipation:

i’m due december 23rd! it’s a waiting game. but oh so exciting!!! i can’t wait to hold my baby and meet him!

Recently, soon-to-be dad Scott Disick, 26, told Us that Kourtney “will be a good mother” but also “strict”: “She knows how to take care of someone.”

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  • bryan

    hi, kourtney 1st your so beautiful your to good to be with the player that your babydaddy is (pick your self up after you have your baby and move on even if he marry you he’s go cheat right now he just love the fame the spot light of being around you,how in this world could he cheat on you any way so who he was with then he must have thought that she look better,did better, smelled better,or even listened to him better, well enough said about him but if your go be with the fool then you need to tell him no ring no dingy well any man can change but most men only change after they go through a good deal of things, look like your baby is co be a 8lbs or more hey i love kourtney your the best on that show

  • Nicolexoyoullwantmore

    Kourtney is looking great like always.. I wish them both the best of luck, and hopefully Scott knows he needs to stay faithful to his beautiful gf<33 He's not finding anyone better, so he better WAKE UP, and realize everything he got

  • Janie

    Scott is a creep!

  • susan

    I just wanted to say congrats on the baby boy. I really hope that Scott has grown up and will be a faithful boyfriend and responcible father. Please keep in mind the name Preston or Mason they are good strong names.

  • susan

    Good luck once a cheater always a cheater. I just hope he is a better father than lover.
    Love ya Kourt but you deserve so much better

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