Report: Child Protection Services Investigate Tiger Woods’ Home

Florida’s Department of Children and Families is investigating the home of Tiger Woods, RadarOnline reports. Allegedly, a domestic violence incident – with a weapon – is being investigated between Tiger and his wife Elin Nordegren.

Police documents suggest that the violent incident took place in front of their young children. Using police code, the document alludes that there was a weapon involved – a golf club.

Child protection services is responsible for assessing the safety of children in a home where domestic violence may have occurred. By state law the agency is not permitted to confirm open cases, but a source close to the situation says that the investigation remains open.

On the heels of an alleged 14th mistress, Tiger’s situation seems to get worse as each day passes. Tiger and Elin are parents to 2-year-old daughter Sam and 10-month-old son Charlie.

Do you think that Tiger is capable of violence as well? And what about Elin?

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  • LaKesha

    “Do you think that Tiger is capable of violence as well.” In all of the media attention, there has been nothing to suggest that Tiger has been violent. I am absolutely offended by this question. I’m not sure if this question is sexist or racist. Shame on Celebrity Baby Scoop.

    • me2

      why does it have to be racist just because someone is black? maybe you’re racist for thinking that. shame on you.

      • LaKesha

        When did I say the question was racist because Tiger is partially black? I said the comment was either sexist or racist. And I do believe it was.

        • me2

          oh so you meant its a racist comment because he’s a golf player? get a life and stop trying to blame everything on race, this doesnt have anything to do with his race, its about him being a loser.

  • Jenny

    CBS does not tolerate sexist or racist posts/questions/comments. My question above does not allude to any form of discrimination.

  • OC

    Anyone is capably of violence but if we’re to believe all of the innuendo about Tiger we must also consider the innuendo about Elin attacking Tiger and chasing him in his car with a golf club. Is her anger justifiable? yes, but that sort of violence is not. If child services was called about potential domestic violence, maybe Elin is the perpetrator, not Tiger and, absent any reason to indicate he is violent, blog postings on the topic should be asking about both questions, not just the man.

  • Shirilicious

    I am sort of with LaKesha. Where do you get the notion from that it is Tiger who allegedly used the golf club? Wasn’t it Ellin who broke the windows on Tiger’s car?
    Sorry, but this is getting a little bit out of hand.

  • Lauren

    Do you think that Tiger is capable of violence as well?
    Nothing surprises me anymore… I always thought he was literally the perfect role model, hah… Parents should be the perfect role model for their kids, tigers determination and hard work is a lesson you should teach your kids to aim for.

  • LaKesha

    I want to note that when this initial post was posted, there was no mention of Elin being possibly violent. Most of the media coverage of this case has insinuated that it was Elin who was violent towards Tiger. I stande by my original comment that this question concerning Tiger’s violence was either sexist or racist.

  • Anonymous

    um… who cares?

  • Jenny

    Sexism against a man??? Really?? And I have no idea what this post has to do with race???!!!

  • LaKesha

    Then it may be a good idea to take the question down–it adds nothing to the story. Men can definitely be victims of sexism as well–this question proves it…insinuating that the alleged victim is the aggressor, simply because he is a man. The fact that Celebrity Baby Scoop didn’t recognize the undertones of this appalling question before posting…irresponsible.

  • Jenny

    I am done defending myself. If the information that we post is offensive to you, perhaps we’re not the right site for you.

  • LaKesha

    Or maybe the question isn’t right for the site.

    • me2

      nope, jenny’s right, find yourself another site to cause trouble on.

  • LaKesha

    Or maybe the question isn’t right for the site. I’ve been coming to this site for years, and will continue to do so. And when I see a question that is irresponsible or has sexist and/or racist undertones–I will make it my point to call it out.

  • leah

    ‘Offended’?? Wow you people are exaggerating, and I mean overly.

  • carolyn

    I still can’t believe everything that has come out about Tiger Woods’ personal life in the last couple of weeks, it’s just so shocking. Hopefully neither of them were physically abusive period – but especially not in front of their kids. That would just make an already awful situation that much worse.

    It’s sad to see this family pic now. I remember when they were first released after Charlie’s birth it was so sweet to see what a happy family they were (or seemed to be).

  • Katrina

    oh jeez… you guys are taking this way too seriously. Just because you don’t agree with whats written, doesn’t mean the poster has to bend over backwards to fix it to your liking. Sorry, it’s not your site, and it’s not your choice.

  • Anonymous

    2 questions:how could he cheated on such a beautifull wife?How did he find time to do things like that?a wife,2 young kids,a career,and more going on?they say a picture worth a thousand words,looking at that would think so.However,it ’s not always so,i guess.they look such a happy family.

  • Shirilicious

    Jenny, as LaKesha said it sexism, while much more happening against women, isn’t solely happening to them. I think that OC said it perfectly.
    As for LaKesha’s “racist” remark, I can only guess that she was offended that depite it being Ellin who has a public record (wether true or not) of chasing Tiger with a golf club, you chose to believe it has to be the “black man”. Maybe we’re doing you wrong, but the initial question read like that. Please don’t take this too personal, I’m not criticising you, I’m just saying what’s on my mind since this is not a light-hearted topic which I think should go completely unnoticed.
    And Katrina, I can only hope that if you notice things that make you feel uncomfortable, be it in real life or on the internet, that you will as well speak your mind instead of leaning back and saying, oh it’s none of my business.

  • Lioness

    Wow, it was just a question- neither sexism nor racism popped into my mind when I saw it, and the insinuation that it’s there still confounds me. I mean, I KIND of see where LaKesha’s is trying to go with her argument, but I think it’s ill-placed and completely loaded (her argument, I mean). I have no idea where racism would come in, either… Sounds like someone burned, and I speak from experience… Anyway, of course none of us have any clue what Tiger is capable of, we don’t know what goes on in that home- although it is my personal opinion that he probably isn’t violent. He just got caught with his penis out. EVERYwhere, lol.

  • Theresa

    well said Lioness!!!! I agree with you 100%!
    I didn’t take the question to be racist or sexist…in fact I had to reread the question twice after reading the comments.
    celebritybabyscoop is a great site with well written articles and a positive track record…to jump on the site for this article makes no sense.

  • Mig

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable, sexist, or racist to ask if Tiger is capable of violence as well. The “weapon” was a golf club. He’s a golfer. Besides that, it was a QUESTION. Are we not allowed to ask questions anymore? It’s a really good way of gathering information so I hope we’re still allowed 😛 Perhaps the people who felt that he wasn’t capable of being violent could have offered that information, and simply *explained* that it was *likely Elin* who used the weapon. I think it was absolutely unnecessary to bring gender or race into this.

  • Garna

    As for child protection I would like to add on the importance of a child-oriented home. Children tend to misbehave in environments that are not suited to them. Living in a home designed for adults, it is very easy for them to become frustrated. The light switch might be too high and out of reach, chairs might be so high that the child’s feet cannot touch the floor or he/she might not be allowed to satisfy his/her curiosity by smelling the lovely vase of colorful flowers on the table and touch the leaves. In an environment like this, it would be no surprise if the child becomes restless and bad-humored.

    A welcoming environment brings many important benefits and enables children to develop skills that they will take with them through life. A child with the freedom to explore is much more likely to become alert and self-sufficient than one who is trapped in his/her playpen or walker – not trusted to play alone in the adult-orientated environment. A healthy child needs to grow up in a situation that supports his/her development rather than hinder it. An additional benefit is the lower likelihood of having to rely on homeowners insurance to cover mishaps or accidents.

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