Violet Affleck Plays With The Pigeons

It’s one of our favorite celeb kids! Violet Affleck was seen playing with the pigeons and going for a swing in Los Angeles on Sunday (December 13). The 4-year-old daughter of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck was accompanied by her nanny.

Jennifer, also mom to 11-month-old daughter Seraphina, recently talked about her life as a Hollywood mom.

I live my life at these two extremes. I’m either a full-time stay-at-home mom or a full-time actress.”

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  • Kati

    OMG! Violet is just a cutie pie! Her smile just makes my day. It´s always nice to see her out with someone of her family. This time it was her nanny but so what. She looks so down-to-earth. No offence to Suri Cruise but I much rather see her wearing this kind of clothes for a change. Violet and Seraphina are like any other children despite the fact that their parents are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner who are big movie stars. I love the Afflecks and the Jolie-Pitts because they let their children be children and wear whatever they want. I could very well imagine the JP kids and the Affleck girls be friends. Wonder if Matt Damon´s girls Isabella and Gia go out with the Affleck girls often. After all Matt and Ben are good friends.

  • Soaplover

    Violet is such a free spirited little girl. She is a real doll!
    I love Suri though. I mean you have to think about this:
    Everyone complains Suri has no child interactment.
    Neither does Violet besides her little sister! And before her little sister, you never saw Violet with ANY children!
    People say Suri doesn’t play. Well, yes she does. You usually see her with her mom at the park with her mom. Same with Violet.
    So really, I see no difference in them. From pictures, never any playdates, and they both do the same things in pictures.
    People are just mean to Suri because she likes high heels and they don’t like Tom Cruise.
    Plus: You never see Suri with a nanny. EVER!!!!!!
    No offense, I don’t like Suri anymore than I like Violet it just drives me crazy when people say Suri is too grownup. Well, seems to me Violet and Suri do just about the same things.

    • Maru

      Actually, Violet does interact with other kids, she goes to kindergarten. And i think I’ve seen some pictures of her going to her classmates birthday parties (I’m not sure about it though, it could be something else.)
      And i don’t think that having a Nanny is such a bad thing, i had one when i was little because my mum had to work and i loved her, she was the best nanny ever. Plus it’s really weird to see Violet with her nanny, Jen is with her 99% of the times.

    • Pony

      There are truly some records showed that little Vi interact with others. Hum…… I remember this one so clear just because it made me smile through heart. So sweet. No offense, if any, I do apologize in advance.

      I used to think that Suri was so angelic and I love her smile. But recently, maybe kinda weird…… Wish her happy, anyway~

  • GreenEyesFreckles87

    She is the happiest child I have ever seen. No matter what kind of day I’m happy, it brightens and I smile when I see her. 🙂

  • Soaplover

    Sorry forgot about the preschool thing DUH!
    No offense taken Pony.
    But Suri will probably start school soon and hopefully she will get better at the social interaction thing.

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