Eileen Davidson: “Motherhood Has Completely Enriched My Life”

Well known for portraying Ashley Abbott on the long-running daytime dramas The Young & the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful – and not to mention her numerous roles on Days of our LivesEileen Davidson is one of our favorite soap stars! The 50-year-old mother of 6-year-old son Jesse, and stepsons Duke and Vinny, sat down with Celebrity Baby Scoop and dished about life as a soap star, her “fantastic” son who enjoys time travel and her upcoming mystery novel.

CBS: You are mom to 6-year-old son, Jesse. What is he into?

ED: “Jesse is fantastic. Every age is just better and better. When you don’t think they can get any cuter, they do! He loves to build “empires” and he’s very interested in space and time travel! Isn’t that wild?”

CBS: How has motherhood changed you? What are the greatest challenges? The greatest joys?

ED: “Motherhood has completely enriched my life and fulfilled a dream. The greatest challenges are trying to raise a kind, confident, enthusiastic, open minded, loving person! There are a lot of obstacles to that out there in the world today. Achieving those things are the greatest joys.”

CBS: Is Jesse showing any interest in acting? Do you want him in the business? Why or why not?

ED: “He can be in the film and TV business later, much later in life if he’s interested. We want him to know the world is a much bigger and more exciting place than Hollywood.”

CBS: Are you hoping for more children?

ED: “We have three boys. Two are my stepsons Duke and Flea (Vinny). Our hands are full!”

CBS: You’ve written 2 mystery novels and are currently working on your third, titled Diva Las Vegas. Tell us about the books. Has it always been a dream to write novels?

ED: “We (my co writer, Bob Randisi) just finished our third book Diva Las Vegas. All three books are about the life of Alexis Peterson, a soap opera star who manages to get herself involved in murders and solving them. It’s great fun and writing was my first love when I was a teenager.”

CBS: How do you stay in such great shape?

ED: “I have a small home gym and eliptical machine. I found when Jesse was an infant and I was working long hours, that working out gave me more energy and stamina. I’ve grown to be quite disciplined because I realized I have more and better energy because of working out.”

CBS: How do you manage your busy career with your family life? Do you think it’s important to have some ‘me’ time? If so, what kinds of things do you do for self-care?

ED: “‘Me’ time is essential. Even a bath and 15 minutes make a difference for me. I also need to see my girlfriends. I don’t get to as much as I’d like, but we make a point of making time when we can.”

CBS: Is acting on a soap opera a good gig for moms? Does it leave you with enough time with your family?

ED: “I worked up until I gave birth! Then took Jesse to work with me every day I worked until he was close to three years old. It’s the best acting job to have if you have a family because you’re in town and around a lot.”

CBS: You’ve been in the world of soaps for so long. Who are some of your best friends in the industry?

ED: “My best friend in the world is Lisa Fanjoy who was my double when I was on Days of our Lives and played five characters. We bonded during the 20 hour days and 80 pages of dialogue! We’ve been friends for 15 years now. Don Diamont, Peter Bergman, Patti Denney and George Guzman (make up and hair people on Y and R). I’m very fond of many more like Katharine Kelly Lang on B and B, etc.”

CBS: Why do you think soap operas are so successful?

ED: “When people watch soaps we become like family to them because they see us every day in their living rooms. It’s a very intimate medium.”

CBS: What are your fans like? Tell us about some of the most memorable fan letters/gifts you’ve received over the years.

ED: “I’ve received many lovely gifts over the years, but there was one woman who was a master knitter! I have many gorgeous throws and sweaters still to this day that she created. She’s truly gifted. And very generous.”

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