Happy 2nd Birthday Nell Burton!

Name: Nell Burton

Date of Birth: December 15, 2007

Parents: Helena Bonham Carter & Tim Burton

Siblings: Billy Raymond (10/03)

– Nell’s name wasn’t revealed until 8-months after her birth & was at one point thought to be named Indiana Rose
– Helena chose to name her daughter Nell after all of the “Helens” in her family lineage

Quote from Parent:
“People say, `You’re still breast-feeding, that’s so generous.’ Generous, no! It gives me boobs and it takes my thighs away! It’s sort of like natural liposuction. I’d carry on breast-feeding for the rest of my life if I could.” – Helena, on breastfeeding her children.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, it feels like she was just born to me! I can’t believe she’s two already.

  • Ed Wise

    Entiendo muy poco de inglés, así que no pude leer la nota!!! Sorry!
    Pero ojalá estos chiquilines hayan heredado por lo menos el 50% del talento de su padre y vivan muchos años!!!!!!!… Y yo viva muchos también para verlos en acción!!!!!
    Happy Birthday Nell!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely ADORE this family. Nell is the sweetest little thing and Helena must be such a cool mom.

  • Annylost

    She is beautiful! *.*

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