Kingston Rossdale Is All Bundled Up

Three-year-old Kingston Rossdale kept cozy as he and his mom Gwen Stefani headed out for a stroll in London’s Primrose Hill today (December 15). The preschooler held tight to a bottle of juice as he and Gwen braved the chilly UK winter weather.

The No Doubt rocker and her family – including handsome hubby Gavin Rossdale and youngest son Zuma, 1 – are spending the holidays overseas this year.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    Cool hat! Wonder if he’ll get flack for the bottle, like Suri always does? Personally, I don’t care, not my kid.

    • Onesie

      Can’t believe he is still using a baby bottle and pacifier….He is way to old for that….

  • Madchen

    That’s a very strange stroller — looks like a highchair on wheels.

    • Anonymous

      Haha, it is!

  • Jenny-Loo

    This stroller just looks so uncomfortable! Weird design must be a UK thing lol

  • Anonymous

    he looks like a complete lttle brat…I used to like him but lately he looks like he’s getting uncontrollable..I know I’ll get backlash for saying this..but it is my opinion and I am entitled to it.

  • Soaplover

    #4 Anonymous:
    How does he look like a brat in this pic? He’s sitting back in the stroller, staring into space, looks to me pretty quite. How much more obedient can he get in these pics?
    If you can point out something in THIS PIC that’s bratlike, I’ll agree.
    And I’m entitled to comment on you’re comment.
    I think Kingston and Zuma are cutie pies.

  • Ellen

    Are we certain that isn’t Zuma? He suddenly looks so little. Also, he is so still in this picture how can he look bratty?

    • Anonymous

      Definitely not Zuma. They have really different faces. I think he just looks so little because of the odd stroller and because his mohawk is covered up. I agree, though, that he doesn’t look bratty here. Although, I have seen other pictures of him where he does seem a bit bratty.

  • I think we should pair this little imp with Bluebell Madonna Halliwell. I can almost bet when their gargantuan tantrums begin they get what they want.

  • Anonymous

    I guess we all have differnt opinions of what brat means… He is a cutie , as is his little brother..I love the family..And I apologize to them for my coments..I was, however, basing my opinion on other pictures I have seen..which is wrong…I am also sorry for upseting the rest of you..enough said!

  • Anonymous

    i agree with the person that says he used to be one of her favorite celeb babies to read about and now he just seems to be really out of control in a ot of pictures and bratty…..i feel EXACTLY the same way, it’s crazy!

    obviously he doesn’t look bratty in this picture at all, buti have seen so many pics of him screaming at the paps like a manic, which i understand on one hand, but at the same time, screaming like a lunatic AT ANYBODY is rude behaviour and he is old enough to know that and to act differently, i have a son the same age and he is taught to be polite and respectful of adults. i’m sure he is picking some of this up from his parents because he probably here’s them curse and grumble about the paparazzi but it just seems funny to me because in other pics he is waving and smiling to them and showing off….so it seems if he is in a “bad mood” then he yells and screams and carries on. if he is in a “good mood” then he is super cute and friendly and shows off. so THAT right there points to tantrum-y behavior..i never see any of the other celebrity kids screaming and flipping out on the paparazzi…it’s not cute….
    also, when they went to the pumpkin patch this year there were photos of him picking up this cat decoration and literally pummeling the crap out of it, throwing it around, looking completely crazy and trying to break it/mess it up/destroy it. normal,sweet, good little kids certainly do not do that-they do not go to a pumpkin patch and pick up someone else’s property and flip out on it and try to destroy it because normal good little kids are taught boundries and rules. of course, all little kids have tantrums and get out of control but not like that…. they certainly aren’t allowed to scream at people or damage other people’s property.
    and then there’s the video of him in the park where he takes some kids toy and runs with it and then the kid hits him and kingston starts crying and goes straight to his mo m, which his totally normal, i just thought it was funny.
    he seems prone to tantrums and acting out in public. it seems like his parents dont really set any rules or boundries for him. and the fact that he is still using a BOTTLE and a pacifier is CRAZY. he certainly shouldn’t be using a bottle at all. i know some kids cling to a pacifier later than others but their parents need to work to break them of the habit, not encourage it! its bad for their teeth #1, and you can see that kingston is starting to get quite and overbite, i saw a pic of him yesterday from the side and you can REALLY see it then. i am just really starting to not admire their parenting skills as much as i thought i did……….they rely heavily on nannies, i think they put too much pressure on appearance, there don’t seem to be in control of their toddler AT ALL and that’s NOT GOOD, they need to try to regain that control through positive and constructive ways and if that means KEEPING HIM OUT OF THE PUBLIC EYE MORE instead of going to every public park and festival and fair then i think they should try doing that and giving their son some more normal time….take him to those indoor play places….and HOLY CRAP! TAKE A CAR instead of walking all over the god forsaken place where YOU KNOW the paparazzi are waiting to take your pictures ESPECIALLY if it OBVIOUSLY upsets your son.

    wow, there! that’s my two cents…. yikes! it seems like i wrote a lot more than i thought i was going to.
    all i know, is from the pictures that i have seen recently i would not want my kids having playdates with him….he looks too out of control!

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