Sarah Jessica Parker Shows Off Her Daughters

Proud mama Sarah Jessica Parker showed off a new picture of her 5-month-old twins Tabitha and Marion during an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman last night. They’re adorable!

The Sex and the City star revealed that the girls have very different personalities:

“They are about as un-identical as twins can be,” Sarah Jessica says. “They will be six months at the end of this month and they are physically, intellectually spiritually, geographically, politically, ideologically and religiously as different as two small six-month olds could be.”

So how is Sarah Jessica and her hubby Matthew Broderick’s 7-year-old son James Wilke enjoying his new role as big brother?

“He’s been very hospitable and he’s amused by them occasionally. He’s annoyed by them sometimes but in fact I thought he’d forgotten about them, his world is pretty much his world which is most important.”

Sarah Jessica’s new film Did You Hear About the Morgans? is in theaters now.

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Photo credit: Late Night with David Letterman

  • LJSS

    Aww so cute…Tabith (if she’s on the left) looks like MB IMO.

  • LJSS

    Nice to see mother & daughter together. They look so much a like. Kate was a dead ringer for her mother in Bride Wars IMO.

  • LJSS

    Oops my second comment was meant for the Kate/Goldie picture. Sorry

  • Anonymous

    They both look like James Wilke

  • Desiree

    So cute!!

  • Jenny

    Beautiful babies!

  • Anonymous

    The One on the left looks like James!

  • Anonymous

    They’re soooo adorable!

  • Anonymous

    OMG! These two little girls look absolutely adorable! They have grown a lot in just six months. James Willke sure loves both of his sisters very much. These twins are just as adorable as the Jolie-Pitt twins and JLo and Marc Anthony´s twins. It doesn´t matter that in those families the other of the twins is a boy and the other a girl. They still are adorable. Wouldn´t it be kind of funny if one of Broderick girls would fall in love with Max Munez (Marc Anthony´s real last name) and the other with Knox Jolie-Pitt? That won´t happen but you can always dream. LOL.

  • emma

    what are they? Who are they? And were do they come from? im 9 and curios.

  • Anonymous

    Awww, too cute!!! I agree, I think the one on the left looks a lot like James.

  • Shaz

    cute as

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