Report: Another Contender For Mason Dash’s Paternity?

Rumors are spreading that Kourtney Kardashian’s newborn son, Mason Dash, who arrived Monday (December 14), may not have been fathered by boyfriend Scott Disick.

According to Star Magazine, the reality TV starlet previously had a fling with a 23-year-old model/aspiring rapper named Michael Girgenti. When asked if there was a possibility that he was the father, Michael, who goes by the stage name of “Premo Stallone”, replied: “You could say that, yeah.”

A close friend of the new mom confirmed to Star that Kourtney and Michael had at one point been involved: “Kourtney hooked up with Michael twice while she and Scott were on the outs. He’s definitely been mentioned as a possibility for being the father of her baby.”

What do you think? Do you still believe that Scott Disick is Mason’s father?

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  • milla

    oh crap. i hope its not true =]

  • Peta

    How convenient that this supposedly comes to light immediately after the child is born. Reminds me of when Star Mag waited a mere 2 days to pull out their “It’s Not Brad’s Baby!” cover for Shiloh.

  • Janie

    He could be the father. She did sleep around all of the time!

  • kia

    Wow, I hope this is a situation I never get caught up in if this is true. I could not even fathom double-dipping and not knowing who the baby daddy is.

  • Cabo

    Oh please gimme a break! It’s all part of the PR to keep her on front page. I guess having the baby wont be enough. They’ll milk every single angle of it and make up side stories so we still talk about her. That’s what this family do for a living!

  • Lioness

    And it begins…

  • Sherry

    This ought to be great for bringing out her PPD.

  • Renee

    i wouldn’t be surprised… she was having fun in Miami at the time, her and scott weren’t even together.

    Let’s not forget the whoophla with anna nicole’s baby and everyone thought larry birkhead was wrong…

  • Shaz

    what a terrible rumour for a new mom to go through. i hope its not true for the sake of Kourtney and her baby.

  • Janie

    This entire family is a bunch of media NOBODYS!! They are desparate for any kind of attention they can get! Go away!

  • Moore

    I honestly don’t think I feel bad for her. After reading about how much she paid attention to her birth control, I’m just not shocked she (possibly) didn’t keep up with dates. It’s sad but it just seems like she takes a childish approach to things as old as she is. The only person I feel for is the baby.

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