Kendra Wilkinson: “It’s Time To Get My Butt Back Into Shape”

New mom Kendra Wilkinson was eager to share her new son with the world as she sat down with OK! just days after her son, Hank, was delivered via cesarean at an Indianapolis hospital.

After gaining 55lbs during her pregnancy, slimming back down is big on Kendra’s to-do list:

I’m going to get into better shape than ever. It’s time to get my butt back into shape. That’s my goal!

The reality starlet, whose baby boy was born December 11, despite his original Christmas Day due date, admits that post-pregnancy, she is worried about getting her pre-baby body back: “I used to have some sexy abs, but I was like, ‘There they go,’” she tells OK!, adding, with relief, “The doctor made a small incision and didn’t even cut into the muscle.”

Before discovering that she and husband Hank Baskett were expecting their first child, Kendra weighed in at 110lbs.

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  • Celebrities and weight loss! Maybe she should just take it one day at a time?

    • Anonymous

      Congrats to her 1st child. I weighed 110lbs when I got pregnant and at full 9 months I weighed in at 132lbs. I am 5’1 and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. So it depends on the womans body, and her diet for sure. I weighed 116lbs after giving birth and that’s not exercising. What saved me from the weight gain was not only eating right, but exercising while pregnant. It helps a lot and should be a part of your daily routine. It’s not only food. Plastic surgery, I don’t think that she will need it, but hey! It’s her body and she has the money.

  • Anonymous

    Chill out!!! You had a c-section, you can’t work out for at least 2 months! I had one, started working out at 5 weeks and it HURT!!! Enjoy your baby! You are young and have enough money for a personal trainer and plastic surgery later!! Seriously, you don’t need to pose for Playboy this year, you’ve done it and you looked great! Just be a mommy! Congrats to you! 🙂

  • k

    Pathetic.. This baby is only a week old and she is already only worried about getting back into shape?? So glad I live in the real world!!!

    • Anonymous

      get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It is not time to get in shape, Kendra. Your body is not ready for exercise yet. Wait at least 6 weeks.

  • Desiree

    I have to say, I’m still impressed with how fabulous she looks right after having little Hank — I don’t think I left my house for two weeks after my daughter was born!

    • Anonymous

      Yes but chances are she had a little help like most celebs before she left surgery.. lots get tweaks/lipo/mini tummy tucks along with a c section.. don’t be so impressed. comes the ‘How I lost My Baby Weight !” Cover in 4..3..2..1..
      America’s obsession with weight even eclipsing the miracle of life… truly ridiculous.

  • gini

    Its so funny how jealous women are of another woman who looks good after giving birth…chill out ladies, im sure she knows she has to wait alittle bit as every doctor tells their patients to take it easy after having a child and c-section. But I think its great she wants to get back into shape. Having a baby is not an excuse to just let yourself go and become overweight as so many people think apparently. Maybe if more women had this attitude after having children, we wouldnt be one of the fattest nations in the world.

    • Moore

      Who’s attitude? Not her’s I hope cause Kendra gained 55lbs from possibly not eating right to start with. Right before she went to the hospital, she talked about eating brownies, was it? That’s not healthy. While she’s right about getting back to her healthy weight, I recommend getting your advice from someone else.

    • Anonymous

      WOW!! You go girl….dam im sick of listening to all these other women talk about Kendra talkin shit. They say she is annoying well they are annoying me! I like Kendra she is awesome. Everybody else is just jealous. AAAAAnd yea im sure she does know she should wait to start excersing. She is just saying that she knows she has to lose weight and thats a great goal. I bet all these other girls commenting about Kendra look like crap. Anyway Kendra you rock and your baby is beautiful. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      That is so true. I have had 4 kids and it was hard for me at 1st to get back in shape but i waited like i was supposed to. I think she is an awesome person and she deserves all the happiness that comes with being a new mom. Dang, all the jealous ladies out there need to back off.

    • Anonymous

      That is so true. I have had 4 kids and it was hard for me at 1st to get back in shape but i waited like i was supposed to. I think she is an awesome person and she deserves all the happiness that comes with being a new mom. Dang, all the jealous ladies out there need to back off.

  • MJ

    I have to say, it’s nice to hear that celebrity’s gain weight during pregnancy and struggle to lose it as well. I was 110 pre-pregnancy and gained 55 lbs also. It took me 5 months to lose it all but props to her for being motivated at least. And trust me, she can still spend plenty of time with her baby while working out. I don’t think she’s any less thrilled about her new son just because she wants her old body back.

  • gogo
  • Anonymous

    hello is there such thing as a csection being done without cutting the muscle?! not in the ob department i work!

    • Jack

      The hospital you work at must not be very up to date because my baby sister had a c-section 7 months ago and they did not cut through her stomach muscle, they spread it apart to get to the uterus. It takes a little extra time but its so worth it. My sister didnt have half the pain that a lot of moms get after having c-sections.

  • Priyah

    Being a model myself, our body image is our living, yes we get mini tucks and mostly birth by c-section, what is wrong with that? Its got to be done to make your money. I have had 2 c-sections myself and both times i requested a tuck. You dont need to look frumpy after having baby, if you can afford it why not be a “yummy mummy”?

    She looks great and im sure she will be an awesome mother, com’on cut her some slack ladies…Congrats kendra, he is georgous!

  • Mrs. V

    I can’t believe people are hating on her because she wants to get back in shape. She didn’t say that she was going to the gym today – just that she is ready to get back in shape. Hell, I’m still pregnant and I’m ready to get back into shape. Chill out people.

    • Jamie [Phatchik]

      I think it’s not so much that people are hating her for wanting to get back into shape as it is that they are sort of annoyed that that seems to be her focus right now. Her new baby should be her focus, not her behind. The truth of the matter is, Kendra is annoying so people are more inclined to hear a statement like that from her and want to respond with a resounding, “SHUT THE *BLEEP* UP!”

      I don’t mind Kendra [well, that’s not entirely true – i see her as a train-wreck but an entertaining one] and I totally expect things like this to come out of her mouth. She’s far too selfish to really care about anything but herself and she’s only ever recieved attention because of the way she looks [it sure ain’t brain power that keeps her in the spotlight] so she needs to keep up appearances.

  • Jenn

    I just had a baby by c-section on Dec 1st. I completely understand Kendra wanting to get back into shape and believe me it isn’t about vanity. What it is really about is feeling like yourself again, you spend 9 months with your body completely changing with a bevy of symptoms and then you give birth and someone cuts you open! There is a point where you just miss knowing what your body looks and feels like so let’s not judge her.

  • Anonymous

    why’s everyone stressing because she wants to get back into shape! damn you would though wouldn’t you if you had a hot body before and now have a baby body, fair enough she should take her time, but why should she wait to make everyone else happy at the end of the day she is the only one who can deal with this, and everyone writing on here its pathetic why dont you go and think about your own lives? clearlyy you don’t have one thats why your so wrapped up in all these celebrities lives! take a look at your own lives, how can you critisise people for wanting to get in shape?… just because she is a celebrity she may feel the need? well its up to her and i thinks she and hank will be great no matter what.
    so stop all the hating and get a life!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am very happy for the new family. Congratulations, and you are in my prayers.

  • Andrea

    Thank you Kendra for sharing your birth with us!!! He is so perfect, and I envy you!!!

  • Anonymous

    good luck you will be in my prayers!!

  • Dana

    Congratiulations!! He is adorable!! Makes me want another one…You have a beautiful family..

  • Anonymous

    it really freaks me out when i see people hating.i wonder whether its out of beef or envy.for goodness sakes it’s her body n not anyone else.of course every woman has d right to luk as sexy as she wants after having a baby.yes her morals are very questionable but i luv her 4 being real.she doesnt front.she’s just plain down 2 earth,doesn’t give a hoot bout wot anyone says or feels bout her n verydelectable

  • margarette

    You girls need to stop hating on kendra she is a hot mamma and stop being so jealous and be happy that she looks great even after having a new baby…. and by the way he is soooo adorable kendra congradulations to you and your hubby.

  • Amber

    okay so first of all i love kendra! I think she is the most real and least fake of all the bunnies, and she’s kool as shit. and she’s a youn mom, duhhh she wants to get into shape! She is meant to be a milf, and you need to be in better shape when you have a baby anyway, you cant be a frumpy mom and chase your son around the park! helllo. people need to shutup and stay out of her buisness. oh and guess what?? I have brownies in the oven and my doctor said im doin great and i look great for being 8 months, soooooo yummmmmm not eating COMPLETELY healthy! people can eat healthy and eat junk food to! wow.

  • Ashley

    ohh wow you ladies who are hating on Kendra need to get a life! I LOVE KENDRA and as a fan i support her in everything she does! and for those of you who are saying shes famous for her looks and not her brain HOW ABOUT YOU THE SHUT THE BLEEP UP! who cares! not everyone has a “talented brain” that can remember every little thing about this earth! I love her personality shes as real as they come! She doesnt give to sh**s about what you think of her and thats why they gave her her own show! your just mad because “shes got it” and if her goal is to get back in shape then so be it! obviously her son is her #1 priority thats just a given to any mom! If shes really that annoying to you LOSERS WHO SIT BEHIND THE COMPUTER AND HATE then theres an [x] botton on the upper right corner! Its people like you, i guess you can call yourself bullies, that make celebs paranoid on what they look like! anyone for that matter! Imagine someone knocking on you all day everyday i bet you wouldnt come out of your house! At least she can face all of you HATERS!!! Anonymous?? really? Your just hiding from your own self so it makes you feel better when you bring others DOWN to your level! Shes human too! Now get off your haten a** computers and do something with your OWN life and stop judging others =) and if she did get some stuff done to her in the process of her c-section WHO CARES! you would too if you had the $$$ keep it real ladies!

    and FYI telling her to stop wanting media attention really??? Idiots! Your the ones with no common sense! Its her life leave it alone! She’ll live it the way she wants!

    Kendra you look great! Your son is precious! You have a normal amazing life and don’t ever get discourage because of people like them they are your motivation!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This days even after recovering from anything you need to get in shape or you’ll loose the hubby specially when it comes to celebrity world so I admire her for caring about her body and husband becoming a mother is the most wonderful experience of all and the priority once you have a baby,but not an excuse to let yourself go and becoming a eating brownies day and night fat depressed woman and another statistic in america!!! Love ya kendra love youir actitud and the good example u give us all! To not let ourselves go even after motherhood!

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