Kendra Wilkinson: Baby Hank Is “100% Healthy”

Happy new mom Kendra Wilkinson posted an update for her fans on Twitter today following her 10-day-old son Hank’s first trip to the doctor: “Just got back from pediatrician n hes 100% im 100% happy.”

So far motherhood seems to be a great fit for the reality TV star, who says she doesn’t even mind those midnight wake-up calls.

“Up all night with the lil man again but i enjoy every min of it,” Kendra wrote on Sunday, adding, “He almost peed in my face today.”

Hank Jr, born on December 11, is the first baby for Kendra and her NFL hubby Hank Baskett.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Janie

    Blah, blah, blah! Do we really need to hear the day to day updates. She is desparate for media attention! Go away Kendra and take care of your baby!

    • Anonymous

      It’s not like she’s putting out press releases – she’s posting to her own Twitter account, just like anyone can do when they have updates about the mundane details of their lives (just like me, for instance – I have a Twitter account, and I’m a nobody). People who don’t want to read her updates don’t have to follow her account. If it annoys you, don’t blame her, blame CBB for republishing her posts.

    • Rinoa

      Apparently there are over 400,000 people on Kendra’s twitter that want to hear her day to day updates. If I had that many people following me, I think I would post lots of updates too. Let’s face it, she’s just happy and excited about her new, beautiful baby. Is there any harm in that? There are lots of celebs on here that I don’t care about either but I just skim their posts and move onto topics that I’m more interested in (such as Kendra posts). 😉

  • Anonymous

    Janie, must you comment on EVERY Kendra post with your negative remarks? We get it; you don’t like her.

    Anyway, I’m happy to hear about her and her baby. CBS, keep the Kendra posts coming!

  • GeekyGrandma

    Aw, she’s just an excited new mom. Give her a break.

  • Anonymous

    im really happy to hear that a baby is heathy but i have to agree with Janie, the constant baby updates are really annoying! just shut up and go away please kendra!

  • Moore

    Honestly, she does have that many followers for a reason and its because they want the constant updates. I’m not one of her followers for a reason and its cause I don’t want the constant updates. I wont mind it here, I’ll just skip it, but if it turns to daily updates on her daily updates then thats just too much for me.
    Also, the button on the screen says post a comment not post a comment if you like this story hence the comments from people who don’t like certain stories. Deal with it.

    • Rinoa

      I didn’t say you shouldn’t post on it. I just said how I deal with it. I find it works well for me. I don’t think we need to be rude to other people on here. Anyway, enough with this conversation. Looking forward to the next post on Kendra!

      • Moore

        Your name was never mentioned in that comment. “Deal with it” is a general comment. I have to deal with comments I think are dumb just like anybody else. What else are you going to do about then deal with it? and if you think that’s rude then wow.

  • Shaz

    i love hearing about Kendra and her baby. Kendras has changed her life around so much. She found a wonderful man and has a gorgeous baby, so let her enjoy her happiness as a new mom.

  • Brian Lee

    I love Kendra. I still think she’s the most beautiful lady i’ve ever seen, even thou she’s a mom. I met her once at a nyc restaurant and she was the nicest celebrity i’ve ever met. I know she’ll be an awesome mom.

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