Seal Enjoys Some Daddy-Daughter Time

The Samuel family continues their stay in snowy Aspen, Colorado. Today Heidi and Seal were spotted out for a walk with their daughters Leni, 5, and Lou Sulola, 2 months (December 22). Little Lou looked adorable all bundled up in pink!

Earlier this week we saw Heidi and Lou enjoying a cuddle while Seal hit the slopes with the older kids.

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Photo credit: GSI


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  1. Elizabeth

    Sigh… can we clone Seal? How lucky is Heidi to have found such a wonderful husband and father. I think what I love most about Seal is the way he talks about Flavio, Leni’s bio dad. He doesn’t bad-mouth or bash him. I’m sure Leni will appreciate that when she is older.

  2. Jessie

    Such a sweet and tender moment between a father and his baby daughter!

  3. Roxy

    So cute!! You can tell she kinda looks like Heidi. And Seal’s an amazing dad, for sure.

  4. ronda

    This is my favorite family. There seems to be a lot of caring, happiness and fun times in their family. I can’t wait to see more pictures of all the siblings together. Great family!

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