Update: Jennifer Hudson Is Not Expecting Baby No. 2

Update : Four-month-old David isn’t going to be a big brother just yet! Jennifer Hudson has denied the recent reports that she is expecting baby #2.

“Contrary to what has been falsely reported, Jennifer Hudson is not pregnant,” says the star’s rep. “Jennifer leaves in April for South Africa where she will portray Winnie Mandela in the feature film, Winnie. It is a commitment she is excited about and takes very seriously. Jennifer is currently in the studio recording her second album and this is the only delivery she is looking forward to in 2010.”

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Is Jennifer Hudson pregnant with her second child? Just four months after giving birth to her firstborn son David Daniel Otunga Jr., Star reports that the Academy Award-winning actress is expecting again!

Reportedly, the American Idol alum and her fiance David Otunga discovered the happy news earlier this month.

Jennifer was in total shock when she found out she was having another baby,” a source reveals. “She had wanted some space between the kids’ ages. (But) she and David love kids. It’s another thing for them to celebrate during the holidays.”

Do you think J-Hud is pregnant again?

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  • Samira0207207

    IF this is true…Then CONGRATULATIONS to them!! Depending on when she’s due she may have two babies under 12 months! She’ll have her hands full 🙂

  • Anna

    Didn’t she know how people get pregnant? How can she be shocked?

  • Anonymous

    She may not have gotten her period back Anna. Some people think they can’t get pregnant while nursing either.

  • i really do wish that she would enjoy her 4 month old first but if she is preggers than congrats i dont think she is becaue star is reporting it i also have a baby boy and his name is jackson keith and he is almost 1 years old he will be one on january 2nd i also want more kids but i want to wait anthoer year or two to have one jackson is a handful lol

  • Peta

    I knew that story was bunk! Sometimes I swear the tabloid writers make up random things about people and hide them behind ‘a close personal friend’ façades.

  • melanie1983

    The title and the info. don’t match! I am sooo confused! lol

    • carolyn

      lol! It’s the original post title… I can see how it could throw you off. 🙂 It’s been changed!

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t she also deny she was pregnant with her first child as well? I think she is a talented performer, and really don’t care either way, i just find it amusing she denies this so vehemently after denying the first time too, until she got busted.

    • Peta

      She didn’t deny the pregnancy. She chose not to comment on it. There’s a difference. Not every celebrity has to make an official announcement about their pregnancy, you know.

      It’s not like J.Lo when she was on stage in a skin-tight outfit with a belly out to here, and still saying she wasn’t pregnant.

  • People please, Jennifer Hudson is a grown woman, and she is married. She is a very smart lady. Jen knows how a baby is conceived. Jennifer never lied about being pregnant. She just never responded. Some of you people are just plain crazy. Jennifer and David have been married for sometime now. They were married a few days before she gave birth to their son. The wedding was said to have been a very small private, but very inimate one. However, a very hugh wedding is still being planned for family and close friends. David and Jennifer are very much in love with each other. One of the hottest black couple since Will and Jada Smith. It is their life and they will live as they see fit. There is nothing new about a loving family having babies back to back. Maybe they want to go on and have their family, so they can grow up togather. Stop judging and hating on this wonderful loving couple. I know they are a very hot interesting pair, and everybody is commenting and wondering about them. The media says baby #2 is on the way. I say 2010 will bring a hugh new album, and a hugh movie are two. Jennifer and David have a very beautiful family. They keep to themselves, and they mind their own business. I suggest you do the same!!!

    • smitty

      Remember fans support celebrities.

  • smitty

    As a celeberty Jennifer owes her fans not to be pregnant again without being married. Married first babies second. I think Jennifer should move forward with her career as it seems that lots of projects are awaiting for her. It takes money to raise kids. Congrats if she is but I will no longer be a fan as certain things should be in order first. (marriage)

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