Tori Spelling Talks Traditions And Transformers

Mom-of-two, TV star, author and entrepreneur Tori Spelling is ready for the holidays! The 90210 star recently chatted to PopEater about a few of her favorite Christmas memories, and about the traditions she’s starting with her hubby Dean McDermott and their kids Liam, 2, and Stella, 1.

On what she wants for Christmas: “There’s absolutely no monetary thing that I would want. No gift. There’s absolutely nothing. I think once you have kids you stop wanting things for yourself. It’s all about them.”

On Liam’s Christmas wish list: “He’s asking for everything now. He’s getting to that age that with commercials, everything that comes on, he’s like ‘I want that! I like that! I want that! Get that for me!’ He’s really into monsters. eBay’s really cool because he’s really big into monsters and cars. I kind of gauged from that since he’s into monsters and cars … so Transformers. I was like, ‘OK, I’m gonna have a little fun with this. I’m gonna go retro.’ So then I went on eBay and they have retro Transformers.”

On her own favorite childhood Christmas memory: “My favorite holiday memory was that every Christmas Eve my parents would have a Santa come over. I believed in Santa till I was 12, which I know is really late in life. [My parents] were really good at it, they would always have a pretend Santa call every Christmas Eve and be like ‘Were you a good girl this year?’ and I’d be like ‘Yes Santa!’ Then he’d be like ‘Well, I’m on my way!’ Then a Santa would show up on Christmas Eve and my brother and I would sit on his lap, even though I’m sure I was really heavy at age 12, but we’d sit on his lap and be like ‘We’re really excited for Christmas!’ Then we’d put our cookies out and we would put out carrots for the reindeer, then we’d go to bed and there would be presents on Christmas morning. That was our big tradition.”

On holiday traditions in the Spelling-McDermott house: “We do a lot of baking and cooking at our house. The kids and I have been baking a lot of cookies, decorating the tree together, we’re doing the Advent calendar, cause I did that growing up, that was a big thing. I got a little Advent calendar for them, it has little chocolates in it everyday. They remember, even though they’re little, everyday they’re like ‘Calendar! Calendar!’ That’s something my parents did with us. It’s not about the wealth. It’s not about a huge snow machine. It’s about the little tiny traditions that are really important.”

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  • The babies grow up so fast. I remember when she was pregnant and shooting that reality show. Now she has two kids and she’s skinnier than before she got married. She truly exemplifies a working mother that does it all and then some. Unbelievable!

  • Shaz

    toris kid looks supercute in those sunglasses.

  • Anonymous

    Tori looks grossly thin.

  • Tif

    i have so much respect for Tori. Im still not sure of Dean. Something about him makes me uncomfortable. I cant put me finger on it.

  • Anonymous

    PregWeeks says “Now she has two kids and she’s skinnier than before she got married. She truly exemplifies a working mother that does it all and then some….”

    Wait — she’s totally anorexic and has an extremely unhealthy body image. That is nothing to praise. It’s sad.

  • Mel

    I am soo soo happy when I hear stories about celebrity’s kids being just like mine! It’s nice to know my Julian isn’t the only kid who says, I want it!, to EVERY single toy commercial!!

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