The Obama Girls’ Hawaiian Holiday

On the first night of their Hawaiian vacation (December 24), the two daughters of President Barack Obama were spotted playing outside of their beachfront rental home. Malia, 11, had fun with a hula hoop while 9-year-old Sasha climbed trees and played around with friends.

Recently their mother, Michelle Obama, discussed her girls’ “blessed” life with Glamour:

They are very blessed… That’s why I think that mentoring is such a critical part of the role I can play in this position. I see how little bits of exposure and big bits of exposure really change my girls significantly, and I want that for more girls around the country and the world.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. Sherry

    WHO CARES??????????? Is it 2012 yet??

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. In this wretched depression (and make no mistake, we’re in one, it’s not turning around for a while.. and no I am not blaming Obama for the economy we all know he assumed a lot of garbage…and no I am NOT a Busgh supporter either) do we really need to have pictures of the First Family cavorting in paradise when most people struggle with bills? Pics of O taking Michelle to NYC for a dinner anniversary date, etc. just makes the ordinary struggling American angry and rightly so. No need to parade it (this is to the media who expects the attention/passionate reactions such photos engender- then again any attention these photos get is good attention to them..) Ugh.

  2. Melania

    This is not a political forum. Take your disgruntled opinions elsewhere!
    This is not good security if the paps can take photos like this. Hellooo – Secret Service!!! Do your job.

  3. LaKesha

    The girls look to be having an amazing time. Good for them!

  4. Molly

    Where is the girls security at??? If people are able to take pictures of Sasha and Malia then they are not doing thier jobs!!!! But Malia and Sasha are two pretty little girls!!!

  5. Marilyn

    The girls are cute, however, the White House Christmas tree has two ornaments on their tree which might interest everyone: one of ex-Chinese communist leader Mao and one of a transvestite. The White House will have to be fumigated after they leave.

  6. carolyn

    Aw, looks fun! They seem like happy girls.

  7. Anonymous

    I’m kind of glad I live outside of The States and away from all this drama. I didn’t realize that the Obamas were so hated!

    • Anonymous

      They’re not. It’s just that they make the most noise. If there’s one thing the right-wingers in this county can do (they certainly don’t know how to properly govern the country), it’s scream and whine loudly like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum.

    • Mig

      What some people seem to be unable to understand is that you
      can disagree with some people’s choices without hating them. The
      mere fact that many people disagree with the Obamas choices doesn’t
      mean that those people hate them. My guess is that most of those
      people just want the Obamas out of the White House before the country is
      not recognizable. Oh, I forgot, we’re not allowed to talk about that, right?
      That’s pretty weird. Anyhow disagreeing with the Obamas and hating
      them are two different things. You can do one without doing the other.
      Just like you can hate gossip, but love your sister who just can’t seem to
      stop gossiping. Similarly, we can hate the direction the POTUS is taking the country, or the things he seems to prize, but not hate him. I don’t recall
      the ‘hate’ police caring at all when people would trash Bush, but I digress 😉

  8. AnonymousJust plain wrong.

    just plain wrong

  9. Melania

    They use their own money to go to Hawaii. If someone else was in power, you’d be complaining just the same. Trust me – you would be.

  10. Dea

    So much negativity in this thread (especially Marilyn’s comment). I think you need to take a step back, this is a Celebrity baby forum not political podium so please take your frustration somewhere else!!

  11. Anonymous

    This family is so beautiful.
    However the comments on here are appalling. Why are politically based comments allowed to stay up? They are clearly attacking and offensive.

    • Rinoa

      I completely agree! I am shocked by the hateful comments on here. It really makes me wonder about the kind of people that are posting on this site.

      • Anonymous

        The people commenting here are entitled to their opinions just as you are. Just because you don’t agree with them doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed to opine. Things don’t always go your way. Get used to it.

        • Rinoa

          Wow, you are just fueling my original thought – too much hate here. I obviously understand that “things don’t always go my way”. I didn’t even state an opinion about Obama; I’m not even from the USA. I’m just surprised by all of the negativity on this thread so if that’s what you mean by “things not going my way”, then yes, I agree with you that I’m not used to it. In my life, people are not generally rude and hateful and it’s a pretty sad statement if I have to “get used to it” (meaning people being rude). If I have to “get used to” the rudeness and hate on this site then it’s clearly not the best place for me. 😉

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