Gerard Way On Baby Bandit’s First Christmas

New dad Gerard Way was anxiously awaiting his 7-month-old daughter Bandit Lee‘s first Christmas this year.

The My Chemical Romance frontman told Spin magazine earlier this month:

“It is a really big deal. It’s very exciting – even though no matter what we get her she’s not really going to realize what it is. We got her some fun outfits…. We still want to get a really lousy Sears picture of her so we’re gonna try to do that next week.”

His baby girl’s arrival last May coincided with the recording of the band’s new album, making for a chaotic – and exhausting – year for the 32-year-old singer.

“The record was more challenging than the baby, and the baby was really challenging,” Gerard admits. “I was pretty worn out. [My wife] Lindsey and I had the baby, and then two weeks after that I was in the studio. I didn’t shave for weeks, looked horrible, and ended up getting all these dreadlocks in my hair. I was never showering. I would show up in a t-shirt covered in baby puke – you can pretty much picture the glamorous nature of that. And so we would work every day, and as soon as we were done I would rush right home and help Lindsey with the baby.”

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Photo credit: Flynet Pictures

  • Pearl Gomez aka pearlluvzgerard

    woooww omg i get all happy when i hear about Gerard and Lyn-Z’s lil Bandit xP congrats and looking forward to the album 🙂

    luv yah!

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