Denise Richards Gets Defensive

After news of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s Christmas Day altercation spread, Denise Richards – the mother of Charlie’s daughters Sam, 5 and Lola, 4 – was accused of taking a photo op at the park with her girls.

On Tuesday (December 29) an upset Denise took to Twitter to share her feelings about the rumors:

for all the negative nellies out there, I DID not have a photo op with my kids at a park when there is drama u get followed more… I genuinely love to be with my girls and don’t have a nanny raising them. They are my #1 priority and always will be. sorry had to vent s*** pisses me off day..I will spill my guts about EVERYTHING

Denise’s ex-husband was arrested in Aspen on Christmas Day for second-degree assault, menacing and criminal mischief. According to a source close to Brooke, the couple is spending some time apart.

“Brooke and Charlie still love each other, but they are very different,” the source tells PEOPLE, adding that they “will make their best effort at counseling” but that “divorce is definitely a possibility”.

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  1. Anonymous

    i dont, i remember once that her neighbors were annoyed with her because she let paparazzi into there neighborhood because she told them she was going to be taking Sam to a park there, i think they were annoyed because it was a gated community and the reason why they have it gated is to keep the paps out

  2. Sherry

    I did too Anonymous. She has dignity and she could bash him but she isn’t. Yet. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Poor Denise…she can’t win no matter what she does! Here she is taking her children to the park and she is criticized as it being a photo op?! The girl is raising her kids…on her own…she should be commended NOT questioned!

  4. Shaz

    now the truth is finally coming out, everyone thought denise was the big bad monster, now Charlie is proving that he is the immature git who needs to grow up.

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