Jennifer Lopez & Family Enjoy Disneyland

Accompanied by family and friends, Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony were spotted at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. on Christmas Eve. J.Lo pushed the stroller while a family member carried Emme. Jennifer and Marc’s fraternal twins turn 2 in February.

Anthony has a 15-year-old daughter Arianna with his NYPD police officer ex-girlfriend Debbie Rosado. He is also dad to two sons with ex-wife, Dayanara Torres: Cristian, 8 1/2, and Ryan, 6.

Jenny from the Block is set to entertain with a live performance on New Year’s Eve at Times Square on Ryan Seacrest’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

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  • Anonymous

    Now she is devoting more time with her kiddies since her movie and music career is kaput.

  • Anonymous

    That’s not Max in the stroller. That’s her sister Lynda’s daughter.

  • Jenny

    Thanks Anonymous

  • Meredith

    How cute. It would BE NICE, though if JLo and Marc shared some of that holiday cheer and sent a group of underpriviledged children to Disneyland. What do they want to do with all that money??

    Also, lets not forget, Marc has a child with a very young, non-english speaking waitress. For some reason, he has refused steadfastly to recognize the poor child.

    I always feel so sorry for Dayanara’s children. JLo broke up their home and took their father. I know no one can be made to leave their marriage, but she did everything within her power to meddle until the marriage was hopelessly broken down.

    Now that she has Max and Ema, I wonder if she would appreciate some other woman tearing apart her home??

  • Katrina

    Why should they HAVE to take underpriveledged children? No one gets to mandate how people get to spend their already taxed money. She isn’t a bad person becuase she brought her kids to disney, geez.

    Perhaps you should be donating all of your spare money to charities and skip any sort of entertainment or experiences for you and/or your kids?

  • Anonymous

    There are no papparazzi running around in Disneyland. JLO always hires her own to follow her around if she needs photographs published to project a certain image. Her new song is doing badly on the charts so these “staged” pictures portray that she’s a loving mother with a great husband and family, and life is just blissful. This is the first time she’s been photographed pushing a stroller. Normally she’s seen briefly carrying her children wearing spiked heels.

  • Anonymous

    Meredith, Marc does not have a child with a waitress. That was proven by several paternity test through the courts.

    They work and earn their money just like everyone else, why shouldn’t they enjoy it they way they want.

  • Meredith

    Actually, Marc and his waitress have ordered at least 5 DNA tests. BUT, Marc ALWAYS INSISTS THAT THE TESTS BE RUN THROUGH A PRIVATE COMPANY AT HIS EXPENSE. AND THE CASE IS STILL NOT EXACTLY CLOSED. There is a lot that the public doesn’t know about re: the case. Everytime Marc and Jennifer Lopez fear scandal they take people to court via emergency injunctions and pay big money for gag orders. IF, the chid isn’t Marc’s, can anyone tell me why he paid her a HUGE amount of money?? She was a poor teenager, a non-english speaker, very easy person for him to exploit. WHO pays a woman money, big money, AFTER the test comes back negative? Also, there was the timing. The allegations of paternity started right around when he and JLO were planning their marriage. Marc was already scandalized for cheating on and abandoning his wife and babies; JLo was being called a home-wrecker all over the place. Marc and JLo did NOT want the publicity of another child being identified as Marc’s. SO, they paid her to go away.

    Folks, these two are not nice people. ITs not the first time they exploit others. It is well known that JLo gave Nilda “Pucchi” Roman a pittance for the rights to Hector Lavoe’s story. Then Puchi conveniently died in a freak accident. Am I suggesting that JLo had anything to do with her death. NO, I don’t believe she did. Do I think Nilda’s death was very convenient for JLO, heck yes. I realize that alot of people hate Pucchi and all, but she had a daughter and grandchildren who survived her. They are NOT rich and could have used the money. Now Jennifer Lopez has all legal rights to Hector Lavoe’s story, and she had another production about his life shut down. Jennifer Lopez doesn’t care about anybody. She has stepped on everything and everybody to get where she is. No wonder she keeps preventing Ojani Noa from producing or writing his story about her. He has a porn tape of her and footage of her screaming and insulting her mother, Guadalupita. Jennifer Lopez is abusive to her own mother!

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