Ramona Sarsgaard’s Flamenco Fun

It sounds as though 3-year-old Ramona Sarsgaard had a special surprise waiting for her under the Christmas tree this year: A flamenco dress!

“She’s just kind of starting to know what [the holidays] are all about,” mom Maggie Gyllenhaal said on a recent appearance on Late Night with David Letterman. “She really wants a flamenco dress.”

“Her dad [Peter Sarsgaard] was just shooting a movie in Sevilla and… we looked up a YouTube thing of a flamenco dancer. She’s a really girly girl, and she wants a green flamenco dress. And I have a feeling that she’s gonna get one.”

I guess Suri Cruise isn’t the only one with a flair for flamenco! Proud mom Maggie boasts that Ramona is already quite the little dancer.

“She can dance, man! And I worry about that, you know when people say, ‘My kid’s going to be this, my kid’s going to be that.’ But my girl, she’s a dancer.

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Photo credit: INF Daily

  • me2

    we havent seen her in a while

  • Allegra

    For some reason that last sentence sounds so…sweet! Just really, really sweet. Maybe it’s just me haha.

  • mouth.like.a.sailor

    it DOES sound really sweet. really really sweet. and i think it’s cute that they got her this little flamenco dance to dance around in and have fun and be magical in her little mirror in her little room… as opposed to be taken out in public to a playground in full on flamenco gear (heels included) and expected to play and have fun in front of the public and papparazzi. the HUGE difference in these two situations is sobering. and it makes me realize how completely ODD and fake the 2nd scenario seemed.that makes me sad for suri.

  • She seems so happy!
    Her baby is so cute !

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