Bryce Dallas Howard’s Son Joins Her On Set

Two-year-old Theodore ‘Theo’ Gabel comes from some very famous lineage: Not only is his mom Bryce Dallas Howard a movie star, but his grandpa is none other than Ron Howard. So it should come as no surprise that he’s already an old pro when it comes to life on the set.

Bryce says that Theo was with her while she filmed her latest flick The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond.

“He was there the whole time because he was an infant. We filmed only a couple of months after he was born,” she tells Parade. “But when I was doing Terminator Salvation, I found out later that I’d actually been in my first days of pregnancy during all those action scenes. That freaked me out a little bit. But that was his first visit to a set, inside my tummy.”

Admitting that she is “desperate for my dad to direct me,” Bryce reveals that little Theo is already the star of a new Ron Howard film.

“He made a little movie together with his grandson the other day. It was adorable, it was really cute. It was a little bit of both. It was Theo running around asking people to play with him, and everyone was quite busy and then, eventually, he asked my mom – and, you know, he was kind of down-trodden at that point – and my mom said, ‘Hey, Theo. Do you want to play with me?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah,’ and then they played. So that was the movie. It was epic. A little comedy, a little tragedy.”

So cute!

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    Her father is Ron Howard, hence her last name.

  • Anonymous

    Ron Howard is the father of Bryce Dallas Howard…

  • Theresa

    ummm I don’t think Clint is her dad…it’s Ron Howard…

  • Anonymous

    Interesting – I how is he related to Clint Eastwood. I thought she was the daughter of Ron Howard.

  • Anonymous

    The “grandson” quote is referring to Bryce’s father, Ron Howard. Theo is Ron Howard’s grandson, not Clint Eastwood’s.

  • Anonymous

    How is she related to Clint Eastwood? I thought she was the daughter of Ron Howard.

  • Anonymous

    isn’t her father Ron Howard, and not Clint Eastwood?

  • Lisa

    Thank you everyone, correction made 😉

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