Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s Broadway Babes

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took four of their six children – Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, Zahara, 4 1/2, and Shiloh, 3 1/2 – to the Broadway performance of Mary Poppins on Sunday (January 3) in New York City. Brad and Angie’s kids were bundled up in their warm winter gear as they entered the theater.

The youngest Jolie-Pitts, 1-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne, were not with the group.

Brangelina and their brood have been seen all over Manhattan in recent weeks as Angelina works on her latest film, Salt.

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  1. Anonymous

    BEAUTIFUL!! Shiloh has to be the most genetically perfect child I have ever seen. Gorgeous features, skin, she’s got it all. Looking forward to watching her grow up.

  2. Janie

    Cute kids but they dress these little girls in the most boring colors. Always black and gray!

    • Anonymous

      It’s New York in the winter. That’s how everyone there dresses. It’s not practical to wear anything but dark colors, especially when it comes to coats/outerwear and pants, because it just gets dirty.

      And in any case, you can’t even see their clothes underneath the coats, so I’m not sure how you can judge what they’re wearing. Do you have X-ray vision?

      • Mig

        If you look at most of the pictures posted on here, you’ll
        see that the family is usually dressed mostly in black and grey.
        I think the previous commenter is entitled to say that she finds
        that boring. It’s not an evil judgment or anything; it’s an opinion.
        I’ve noticed the same thing. They may have great reasons for doing it,
        but it’s still not as exciting as bright colours. To each his own. We
        all don’t have to love everything that everyone does.

        • Anonymous

          Who said anything about the opinion being an “evil judgment”? Your words, not mine. And just like you think the previous commenter is entitled to say her opinion, I’m just as entitled to say why I think she is wrong, particularly when her opinion is based on what she *thinks* the kids are wearing but can’t actually see.

          And here’s another opinion for you – I think it’s rude and unnecessarily cruel to criticize the appearance of children except in a few select circumstances when what they are wearing is actually harmful – e.g., things like heels (bad for growing feet) or when the outfits are overly sexualized (like that picture of Billy Ray Cyrus’s 9-year-old daughter dressed like a hooker).

          I just don’t understand people who criticize kids because they’re not wearing pretty or stylish enough clothes (god forbid a kid should just be a kid instead of a fashion plate) or because because the aren’t cute enough (I think it’s absolutely terrible to call a child “ugly”).

          • Mig

            Right. And I’m just as entitled to say why I think
            you’re wrong. If you look at the photos, the kids’
            pants are black and their socks are grey, Brad’s shirt
            and suit are grey, and one of the boys’ shirt cuffs
            is grey (going from memory here).
            Also, if you look back at the other photos
            on the site, many (most?) of the outfits we see them
            in are black and/or grey. Is there something you find
            objectionable about black/grey wardrobes and thus
            you’re offended when people notice it? It seems like
            you’re trying to say that the kids are wearing bright
            colours under their coats, as though black or grey
            would be bad.

            I don’t think that poster was criticizing the kids for
            not wearing pretty or stylish enough clothes. I think
            she just would like to see them dressed in, say, bright
            colours, or something, because she probably thinks
            they’d look extra cute! Just like when you see an
            outfit that would look perfect on someone, and you
            would like to see them wearing it. It didn’t seem like
            she was slamming them.

            I do agree with you that it’s not nice to call
            children “ugly.” I apologize if I’ve caused you
            unnecessary angst 🙂 My posts do seem to be
            coming across as crabby….but I don’t mean them to be.

  3. Anonymous

    Better black & gray than heels!

  4. Anonymous

    LOL I know better than heels ;]
    Shiloh looks so much like Brad holy cow!!

  5. Anonymous

    Shiloh is really beautiful…but I don’t know about Empress Zahara…eh.

  6. lily

    Lovely family Shiloh is a beautiful little girl.

  7. Anonymous

    Shiloh has LONG legs! She definitely looks like Brad too.

  8. Anonymous

    Oh, WOW Shiloh is like a little porcelain doll!!!!!!!! She looks so perfect and lovely.

  9. Anonymous#1

    Boy, all these kids and the only one anybody wants to talk about is the just average looking white one…

    • Anonymous

      Of course it has nothing to do with the fact that she’s the youngest? And because of that, the most “baby-ish” and cute? Of course, it’s ALWAYS about race.

      • Solène

        I don’t know if it’s about race, but I agree that it’s always about Shiloh, because she is the biological child I guess. Rather annoying, and honestly, she is cute, but pretty homely, and I see prettier little girls everyday. My favorite Jolie-Pitt is Pax!

        • Anonymous

          If you’re “allowed” to say Shiloh’s homely then can I say Zahara’s ugly? If we’re all being equal here I don’t see why there’s anything wrong with that. DOUBLE STANDARD. Just as other commenters are saying. It’s only ok in you people’s eyes to say the white one is ugly or uncute.

          • Solène

            No, it’s not OK, because I called her cute, but homely, when you say Z is ugly. I’m sorry if I use bad words, I’m french, but to me, homely means ordinary. Is it that pejorative? Not in my world.

      • Anonymous

        Who are you kidding? Shiloh hasn’t been the youngest one since the twins arrived. And she will always be their first biological child with blue eyes and blonde hair and that’s why people are obsessing.

    • Mig

      Maybe because so many people find Brad extremely attractive
      and Shiloh really looks like him! Do we now have to censor our
      opinions on what we find attractive for fear of offending? 😛
      The thought police force is growing daily….
      I know, I know. I’m just a racist. *sigh*
      Funny though, I never think about race until the “non-racists”
      bring it up. Good thing they’re doing their jobs!
      We might all forget that we’re racists and then where would
      the world be? I have a question though. Why is it okay to
      say that the “white one” is “average looking”? I wonder what
      would happen if I said the “black one” is “average looking”.
      I’m pretty sure I’d be attacked and called a racist.
      Maybe I’m only allowed to say that they are all exactly equally
      attractive or non-attractive. I just don’t know anymore….

      • Anonymous

        The only funny thing is that you’re the first one thinking of racism and describing yourself as one. And getting offended that you’re not “allowed” to speak your mind and voice your opinion but then actually criticising others if they have different point of view. Logic much?

        • Mig

          lol If you look at the *times* of the postings,
          you’ll see that I was not the FIRST one thinking of racism,
          and that I was indeed RESPONDING to the others who
          brought race into the discussion. Perhaps there’s a language
          barrier here, but did you think I was actually identifying
          myself as being a racist 😛 It was sarcasm.
          Finally, asking questions about a clear double standard, and
          defending against accusations are not the same as criticizing others
          FOR HAVING a different point of view.

  10. Kati

    OMG! I just love this family! All the four older JP kids are so adorable! Zahara is once again showing her true feelings toward those ever-present paps. That death stare is in a way very adorable. And what about the boys? They´re really handsome. They are almost the same height now. I love Pax´s hat. And Mad looks just adorable. Shiloh really has long legs! She is gonna be a tall young lady one day. And her face! She truly is a miniature version of her dad with her mum´s mouth. She´s already a beauty. Would have loved to see the twins joining the rest of the family but maybe they´re still too young to be sitting for so long. Still I hope that we´ll see them soon. Can´t wait to see how much they´ve grown. Knox certainly is starting to remind his handsome dad more and more and Viv is a spitting image of her mum.

  11. Anonymous

    zahara is the cutest of them all

  12. anja

    Zahara is sooo cute, the most adorable child ever, real honey! (and I’m not black)
    And Pax telling paps “go, go, go…” such a fighter (in positive way)
    To bad we can’t see Maddox’s face because he is hiding from the paps, but who can blame him
    I won’t say anything about the fourth kid because it seems like majority of people here saw only her and I think it’s really stupid

  13. Mig

    Just so I have this straight, the sad, evil, racist adopti-phobes are the ones who are saying “Shiloh is beautiful” or a variation of that, but the wonderful, enlightened, fair people are the ones who are commenting on the other children AND referring to Shiloh as “the fourth kid”, “the average looking white one” or “pretty homely.”
    Wow. Just so I’m aware of the rules, if there is more than one child in a pic, are we required to comment on all of them? What about the other people in the photo (like the parents); are we required to comment on them as well? What about if we see a story on a child we aren’t particularly interested in; are we required to comment on that? I mean, we wouldn’t want that child to be left out, right? I’ve seen posters who bring that up. It’s just so confusing!

    • Solène

      Yes, I’m white, and I still think Shiloh is a homely little girl, cute, but not SO beautiful. So what? Pax is my favorite, but my favorite celeb kid is Leni Samuel, yet she is the only white child in her family. I also melt when I see Valentina Pinault, Sam Woods, Mercy Ciccone or Nahla Aubry. I love children of all colours, and yes, when I comment a picture with more than one kid on it, I try to be nice and not point out how one of them is more beautiful than the others, especially when I see that everyone finds him/her most attractive when I don’t.
      Anyway, since I don’t think Angelina is that beautiful, it must explain why I don’t think Shiloh is not the prettiest child of all times. Brad is better, but not amazingly handsome either.

      • Mig

        It looks like you’re replying to my comment,
        but I don’t understand how it follows. Are you
        saying that if we find a child particularly attractive,
        we should not comment on that unless we also
        say that the other children in the photo are exactly
        as attractive in our eyes? Regarding the other children
        you mentioned, do you think you’re unique in that?
        Did you know that people who think Shiloh’s adorable
        are also capable of finding “children of all colours”
        adorable as well?
        So you’re nice because you don’t point out how one child
        is “more beautiful than the others” especially when you
        don’t think they are? Wow, how do you do it?
        I think it would be pretty cool if people could just say
        that they found a child beautiful, then others would say
        that they found other children attractive, the others would
        say “oh look what a cute smile on that one,” and others
        would say “did you see how she was outsmarting the paps?”
        Instead, we’re called racists for finding one beautiful and
        ending the comment there, while other posters think it’s
        fine to call the child homely, etc. How is that better?
        It’s not and it’s a double standard.

        • Solène

          Come on, read my posts again, and you will see that I never talked about racism, you did. And what I meant is not that you can’t say what you think, but when I comment, I try not to obviously favor one child, like some do :

          “Anonymous said:

          Shiloh is really beautiful…but I don’t know about Empress Zahara…eh.”

          No, I don’t tolerate that kind of comments.

          • Mig

            Ah, I see the problem. It’s pretty hard to tell sometimes what post
            the replies are referring to, but if you get your ruler out (haha),
            you can see how the pink stars line up and figure it out.
            My response was to a prior post (Jan 3, 2010 @ 09:58 pm),
            not to yours.
            Yeah, I agree that those comments are not the nicest, and it
            would be nicer to just say the first part. If we’re talking about
            dresses or houses, then it’s okay to say that you don’t think
            one is as attractive, but I don’t think it’s necessary to compare
            siblings like that! Thanks for your clarification 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    I actually think all their children are cute and attractive. I’d like to see the twins more, but hopefully we’ll get our chance soon as they get older. I definitely don’t envy Brad and Angelina with Shiloh and Zahara being thumb-suckers. That’s a tough habit to get a kid to drop (since you can’t really take the thumb away from them). That’s just one of those habits that you have to hope will just run it’s course in due time. I had an elementary school friend who sucked his thumb until 5th grade. It was sort of his trademark… haha.

  15. Anonymous

    It’s pathetic when people comment on the attractiveness of children. I don’t care if a child is black, white, red, or blue; that promotes the impression of one being superficial and rude.

    As for the attire, they’re not your children. If you want to dress your kids differently, great! Let them dress their children as they wish.

  16. Kimberly P.

    Wow. Such vitriol. I just wanted to say that I think all the Jolie-Pitt kids are adorable. I have always thought Shiloh was the spitting image of her grandfather, Jon Voight.

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