Denise Richards & Girls Wear Boots With Heels

Denise Richards and her two daughters, Sam, 5, and Lola, 4, were spotted heading into Whole Foods for some grocery shopping in Woodland Hills, Calif. on Thursday (December 31). Just like mom, the Sheen sisters wore their matching high heeled boots on the trip.

A few days later on Saturday (January 2), the trio were seen in Los Angeles heading to a gymnastics class. Lola wore her heels again, while Sam opted for flip flops.

A recent trip to the park with her girls prompted speculation that Denise had crafted a photo op to show a contrast between her life and her ex-husband Charlie Sheen’s current situation. The 38-year-old Undercover Brother actress Tweeted in her defense that “when there is drama [you] get followed more”.

What do you think of the girls’ boots?

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Photo credit: GSI Media / Flynet

  • Anonymous

    For some reason this isn’t as creepy as Suri Cruise in heels but still wondering why parents let there kids wear heels out. hmmmmm

  • What the….

    I wonder if they found out about their father trying to kill their step mother?

  • Anonymous

    If they start wearing them everyday, it will bother me like it does with Suri. I think this is cute because I remember me and my mom wearing some matching things sometimes when I was their age.

  • Lina

    Inappropriate in every way.

  • Anonymous

    I think they look absolutely ridiculous wearing heeled boots!

  • Janie

    They look like little hookers with those boots on. VERY inappropriate!

  • c

    Yuck. I worry about these girls. I think it’s great for girls to be girly and play dress-up and everything, but it seems like Denise goes out of her way to make sure that they get to dress up in these ultra-adult ways all the time.

    I don’t think these outfits are very tasteful. Maybe for Halloween.

  • Danni

    Why does Denise a grown woman have on more sensible shoes than her little girls??? What is wrong with these people

  • melanie1983

    The boots look adorable!!! Very different/better from Suri’s.

  • alliea

    can i just ask, how are these different from suri’s? they’re both high heals arn’t they? and really, what is the big deal? it’s not killing them.

    • melanie1983

      In my opinion they’re different from Suri’s because there seems to be more support there with the boot. With Suri’s there’s just heel.

  • Hannah

    Suri must be there bestfriend, what can you say it must be the new trend.

  • margo

    i cannot approve of heels on little girls.

  • Shaz

    i love denise, i think she is super gorgeous and its okay for kids to wear heels once in a while, not super high ones but just some dressy ones for special occassions.

  • Lila

    absolutely not okay! and not healthy!

  • Juliet

    there’s a double standered. everyone hates the cruise family becasue suri wears heals, but some people are saying that it’s totally fine for these girls to wear them.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to know how the poll is going as I was unable to vote. There is no option that for my choice. Neither is appropriate.

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  • Silvia

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