Reese Witherspoon & Kids Walk Hand In Hand

Reese Witherspoon was spotted with her two gorgeous kids – Ava, 10, and Deacon, 6 – in Beverly Hills on Monday (January 4). The trio looked so cute as they walked hand in hand to an appointment. The kids’ father is Reese’s ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe.

The 33-year-old Academy Award-winning actress, who recently split from her Rendition costar, Jake Gyllenhaal, talked about life as a single mom.

It isn’t anything I chose in life, it just sort of happened that way. We all just do the best we can. We’re all just people trying to get through life however we can.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    If I saw Ava walking down the street, I would think she was the one who did Man on the Moon lol…Her and Reese are so identical!

  • Anonymous

    this woman has some extremely strong genes

  • carolyn

    Reese looks super cute here. Every time I see Ava I’m amazed by how much she looks like her mom!

  • Anonymous

    Ilove Reese and her kids are so cute.

  • Janie

    gorgeous family! Ava is so stylish!

  • rachel s

    Ava is Reese’s spitting image. She looks like such a sharp and well put together girl.

  • Anonymous

    It’s beautiful how close this family is to one another! Even though the kids are four years apart, they are so loving with one another. That’s not always an easy feat. Reese must have done something very right to create such a wholesome looking family.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know whether or not they go to catholic school? They are wearing uniforms .. o.O

  • Anonymous

    No, that’s just their regular school uniforms. They go to a private school in Brentwood.

  • Gina

    Great pictures. Her kids are so cute. They look like the perfect little family. I am sure she will have no problem being a single mom but no matter how much money you have, it can be rather difficult. casino online gratis

  • melanie1983

    Is it me or did Deacon have an overnight growth spurt? My goodness he got big!! Love this family :]

  • Allegra

    So many people say how Ava is Reese’s clone, etc, but I’ve always thought she looks overwhelmingly like Ryan! Same with Deacon. I mean, you can see mommy in there but their resemblance to Ryan far overrides that, to me. Both Ava and Deacon are getting so tall and grown-up-looking! Ava’s nearly as tall as her mom now! Wow!

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