Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner’s Gorgeous Girls

The shutterbugs were quick to snap shots of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner leaving a medical building with their two gorgeous girls, Violet and Seraphina, in Santa Monica on Monday (January 4). Protective papa Ben held his adorable 4-year-old daughter while Jen carried sweet Sera to the car.

Perhaps the family of four were taking Sera for her check up as the adorable tot turns 1 tomorrow! We just saw the Garflecks shopping, presumably in preparation for the big 1-year celebration, at Toy Crazy on Sunday.

Jennifer – our favorite celeb mom – is a well-known fan of cooking shows. When she recently requested an appearance on one of her favorite shows, Barefoot Contessa, celeb chef Ina Garten snubbed the Alias star! “I tried to get on Ina’s show… but eventually she just said, ‘I’m sorry, I only use my real friends on the show,’” Jen said and joked, “I felt like, ‘What are you saying? That we’re not friends? I know everything about you!’”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    I’ve yet to see a photograph of Ben holding Seraphina!! Weird! Why does he always have Violet and she has the baby!

    • GreenEyesFreckles87

      When I was Violet’s age, I always wanted my Daddy to hold me. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      whoa (I am the original poster who pointed out ben never holds baby!) okay I wasn’t critisizing, was just merely pointing it out… and you all gave some pretty good suggestions as to why u think he never does. I just found it a bit weird, like there are no photos of him even paying any attention to her. There’s probably no reason for it though, paparazzis don’t snap everything! Calm down my dears!

    • Anonymous

      cos violet is heavier than seraphina…

  • anne

    Maybe it’s odd and my family was just odd, too, but our son when very young was always calmer out in public when held by his father — so Jen always holding Sera doesn’t raise any flags with me. And with reference to some comments on recent Affleck posts: it doesn’t make a whole lotta sense to interpret “behavior” or draw conclusions about anyone (particularly their marriages and parenting) from nanosecond’s-worth still photos — esp. people we don’t know personally *at all*.

  • GreenEyesFreckles87

    Violet = Too cute.

  • Anonymous

    Violet is beautiful.

  • melanie1983

    Ben is so hott. Gorgeous family!!

  • Janie

    Beautiful family! So down to earth.

  • Sonya

    Maybe Ben carries Violet because she’s bigger and heavier than Sera? I know that when we go out my husband carries the older kids and I carry the younger one of the group.

    • Anonymous#1

      Sonya, you make too much sense to be a reader of celebrity blogs.

  • Audrey

    My husband always held whichever child we had with us that was the oldest. This seems normal to me.

  • Caitlin

    You guys are way to observant it’s beyond ridiculous! Who cares what parent holds who?!?! The kids are loved unconditionally and that’s the bottom line.

  • Anonymous

    What’s the point of nitpicking every detail of a couple’s parenting style? Isn’t it better to just enjoy the pic as we get a glimpse into their lives? I don’t care who is holding who, I just love seeing such a wholesome homey family (who are rich and famous) doing the same things as the rest of us.

    This group is beyond adorable. Thanks CBS for these pics!

  • Anonymous

    Not only does Ben never Hold Sera he also never plays, interact with her or pushes her stroller etc. That is just sooooo sad! 🙁

    • Anonymous

      R u bein sarcastic lol! But yeah that’s kinda what I was getting at, you never see this, but he probably does love the baby all the same..

  • anne

    OK, “Anonymous 6:51” … let me put it another way: exactly how much of their lives do you think we are privy to from photographs like these? Please.

  • Anonymous

    “Anne”: The same reason why you or most people who state Jen/ Ben as well as any other celebrity parents being hands on or down to earth.

  • anne

    Anon. 7:47 … would you like to try that again in English (as they say)? 😉 Interesting to note the impulse to “project” not only on photos but on others’ comments (where exactly have I “supported” the Afflecks as hands-on or down-to-earth? or maintained that only negative speculation is presumptuous?). Oh well . . .

  • Anonymous

    What is the point of you responding to my comment in the first time?

  • Kati

    What a beautiful family! They´re so down-to-earth. Mayybe Violet wants that her daddy carries her. She has exactly the same kind of UGG boots as Zahara Jolie-Pitt was seen wearing just last week when the JPs went to see Mary Poppins musical in NYC. Violet and Seraphina both are beautiful little girls and are gonna be beauties just like their mum when they grow up.

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