Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale’s Beach Boys

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale enjoyed a day at the beach in St. Barts, French West Indies with their two sons – Kingston, 4, and Zuma, 16 months – on Monday (January 4). The bikini clad songstress rocked her amazing abs that rivaled her husband’s as they walked hand in hand with Kingston in between resting in the shade with Zuma and building sandcastles.

Gwen recently said that her current figure is “no miracle” and that it took eight months to lose the baby weight after her pregnancy with Zuma.

The Stefani-Rossdales have been vacationing in St. Barts after spending the holiday season at their London home.

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Photo credit: Fame

  • carolyn

    Wow. They both look amazing!

  • Mirdeb

    Darn it, Gavin is fine and yeah the kids are cute too…

  • Anonymous

    For 40 year old Gwen…I think that is a little inappropriate of an outfit…she should HAVE covered up more. Shame on her.

    • lig

      why should she cover up based on her age?? she looks great and she’s on a beach! more power to her for working so hard to look that good!

    • Anonymous

      Huh? What on earth is shameful about what she’s wearing? She’s on a beach. People wear bikinis on the beach. I don’t understand what your problem is.

    • Anonymous

      OMG! She’s on a beach! What should she wear? A burqa?

    • me2

      you’re just jealous

  • Nichola

    If I was 40 and looked like that I would not cover up a thing. They look good!

  • Caitlin

    Gavin and Gwen look ridiculously great for their age (and AGE is nothing but a number). You got it, then you flaunt it!

  • Anonymous

    More importantly than being in incredible shape and being gorgeous people, they always look happy. Judging from pictures alone, it seems that family life is very important to them, and I think it is awesome that they spend so much time with their sons.

    And I have to say that Zuma is easily the cutest baby I have ever seen.

  • Greta

    I agree with the poster that said she should cover up. Gwen is 40 after all. she should be sending an example. she could have at least worn a cute little sarong or something..

    • Anonymous

      Sending an example of what? Are there that many impressionable 40 year olds that run in your circle?

      • Lioness

        Couldn’t’ve said it better myself, Anonymous. That’s a grown woman, she can wear whatever she wants. Who’s she setting the example for? Other young girls? Isn’t that what their own mothers are for? I see little 7-year-olds wearing bikinis and looking ridiculous because they don’t have the bodies to fill them, and people don’t say a word- some even think it’s cute. Yet a 40-year-old woman decides to wear one, and gets grief, lol. People are funny.

    • Anonymous

      Unless we’re looking at different pictures, I don’t know what you’re talking about. She is wearing ” a cute little sarong”. She is covered up except for one picture.
      But even if she weren’t what is the example a 40 year old should be sending when covering up while on a beach? “Hey, I think women over 35 are so ugly to look at that they should never reveal even the slightest part of skin. And while we’re at it they shouldn’t be able to vote either.” That kind of example , Greta?

    • Anonymous

      Aside from the absurdity of the idea that a woman needs to cover up (on the beach!) because she’s hit the scandalous age of 40, or the fact, as others pointed out, that she IS wearing a sarong, you don’t even know the proper phrase to use in your busy-body scolding. You can SET an EXAMPLE. You can also SEND a MESSAGE. There is no such thing as “sending an example.”

  • Anonymous

    Gwen looks absolutely gorgeous in that bikini. She has every right to wear it. Is it unacceptable because she is what, married with children? Jennifer Aniston is alway seen in a bikini and she is of a similar age. PLEASE get over yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Wait a second — she IS covered up, at least in part, in all of the photos except for right after she went swimming!! Would you insist that she also wears a second layer when she is actually in the water??

    This is a private family vacation, and you have to remember that the photographers are uninvited. This isn’t some public appearance. Do you also think it is inappropriate for her to be scantily clad in her own home??

  • Dea

    Absolutely gorgeous family. To greta and the other Anonymous poster, which era do you live in? this is not the 50s where women need to be covered up.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t hear anyone telling Matt McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt and other 40-something year old MEN that they need to cover up when they’re photographed on a beach in their swim trucks…on VACATION. I say, Go Gwen – she looks AWESOME!

    • Anonymous

      So, so true about nobody complaining when men much older are parading their “moobs” on a beach.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously – it includes her own husband standing right next to her in the picture. Gavin is older than Gwen. Why is it shameful and inappropriate for her to wear a bikini on the beach, but those same people criticizing her don’t say a word about the even older shirtless man right next to her?

  • Anonymous

    she should cover up? absolutely ridiculous. she’s at the beach and she looks beautiful and not at all inappropriate. shame on you for suggesting she should cover up. go gwen!

  • Soaplover

    Go Gwen! It’s a beach for God’s sakes, I’m sure other women are wearing the exact same thing as her; a bikini!
    She can do what she pleases!!!
    I love Gavin’s trunks.
    Kingston is awesome!!!
    My favorite celebrity family!

  • AnonymousAngel14

    Kinston is cute but Zuma look average

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