Kimochi: Emotion & Feeling Toys

One of the hottest products in educational toys this year are the Kimochis…toys with feelings inside. The perfect gift for toddlers (and their parents). With an already strong following, even celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Garner can’t resist! This brand has also been awarded the Creative Child Magazine 2009 Seal of Excellence and Best Vacation Products by Dr. Toy.

Kimochi ( means feeling in Japanese. And that’s what this brand is all about. Feelings can be messy and, using the Kimochi characters, kids can get in touch with their own emotions in a fun and comfortable way while at the same time communicating what they’re feeling to their parents. These tactile, interactive toys come in a range of characters including Cloud, Huggtopus, Cat, Lovey, and Bug. Each interactive Kimochi has a pouch to store its feelings-felt cushions in bright colors with a facial expression on one side and the name of the emotion on the other side. Children learn by placing the cushion that best matches their feelings into their Kimochi and sharing the experience. The process calms, comforts and instills confidence.

Each lovable character comes with its own set of “emotional” challenges. The company sent me the the Kimochi Cloud which can be happy or sad just by turning his head and comes with three feelings to discover and play with: happy, mad and sad. Cloud’s challenge is that he is a bit unpredictable or moody. He can be happy one day, angry the next, and sad the day after that. In addition, I received a package of additional “feelings” which may be purchased separately and includes feelings such as scared, shy, loved, and even a “label your own”!

Created by Nina Rappaport Rowan, a mom entrepreneur who was struck with the horrible Columbine High School Incident, thinking how could something like this have happened? It made her dig deep and question why. What is missing? What are we not doing right with our children that they can be so disconnect and so self destructive? This very thing was the inspiration that drove Nina to create the Kimochis. The goal is to get parents and kids talking to each other. Creating original children’s products and animated family entertainment, the company wants to create compelling stories and loveable characters that will build confidence and self-esteem in our children and serve to strengthen parent-child connections.

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