Report: Brooke Mueller Entered Rehab At 5 Months Pregnant

Adding another level of controversy to the already volatile situation, Brooke Mueller reportedly went to rehab for alcohol abuse when she was pregnant with her twin boys Max and Bob, RadarOnline reports.

Reportedly, Mueller went to rehab for alcoholism at the 5-month mark of her pregnancy after bottles of booze were found in her car. A source states that when one of the twins was born with a heart problem, her husband Charlie Sheen blamed the medical condition on Brooke because of her drinking habits during the pregnancy.

Sheen spent Christmas in a Colorado jail after being arrested on domestic violence charges. Reportedly, both Sheen and Mueller had been drinking that night. Sheen, who has been through rehab twice, has yet to publicly address his relapse. “They both have drinking problems,” said a source. “And neither of them should be drinking.”

Mueller has previously been arrested twice, once on an alcohol charge and once on a cocaine charge.

Do you think Brooke abused alcohol during her pregnancy?

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  • LJSS

    Unforutunate…so sad. I only feel for those babies.

  • Janie

    These people should not be allowed to have children!

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