Khloe Kardashian Wants A Baby!

It looks as though Khloe might be the next Kardashian to join the baby race!

Just three weeks after the arrival of her sister Kourtney’s son, Mason Dash, the 25-year-old reality star is hinting that she and husband Lamar Odom, 30, who were married in September, might be ready to expand their twosome.

“I want to. We both want to,” said Khloe in a radio interview for 104.3 MY FM’s Valentine in the Morning. “We’re in an ideal situation. We’re just happy together.”

Khloe admitted that she’s “not doing anything to prevent it” and that her more than enthusiastic husband “wants to have a baby tomorrow”. In fact, on New Year’s Day, Lamar ran out to find a pregnancy test after she came down with a stomach bug: “I just woke up and started throwing up all day long,” she explained. “He was like, ‘Yes, you’re pregnant,’ and I was like, ‘No, I’m just sick.’”

In October Lamar told Us that he and his new wife would have children “maybe one day, hopefully”: “That’s what kings and queen are put on the earth for, to have offspring.”

Should we keep our eyes peeled for the next Kardashian baby bump?

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  1. Anonymous

    No more Kardashian babies please!

  2. GreenEyesFreckles87

    I believe she’d be a wonderful Mother. On the latest episode of KUWtK, she did excellent in the class she went to with Kourtney, plus she’s spent most of her life helping take care of the house and her siblings. I hope she and Lamar get pregnant soon! 🙂 Khloe seems like such a sweetheart! I’d love to meet her. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Wait a second, didn’t she do a whole advertisement for PETA? Is that a fur coat I see on her?!?

  4. MomE

    I really hope this is all true! She seems like such an awesome person! I’d love to see a little Khloe running around! So cute!

    When they were making it look like she might be pregnant on the last episode of the show, I was so excited. I sure have been seeing her baby comments quite a bit lately…. Hmmmm….

  5. Janie

    Can this pathetic family stay out of the media for one day?!

    They are all constantly craving for media attention! Go away!

  6. Anonymous

    she doesnt need a baby, why do people who only known each other for less than a year, hurry up and have children. children are big responsibilities, unless she is looking for a paycheck, but to each his own….

  7. Anonymous

    Hey Janie at least the Kardashian’s are far more like-able than the cast of Jersey Shore.. now those are some media hungry people!

  8. Anonymous

    great, first the trendy go-to-have accessory was a toy size dog now it’s a baby 🙁

  9. Janie

    < >

    Yes, I have plenty of nice things to say. I just find this family to be so immature and constantly looking for attention.

  10. Anonymous

    Cha-Ching! Is all I can hear…

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