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Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon is the A-list cover girl for the February issue of In Style‘s UK edition. The newly single mom-of-two talks everything from fashion to fitness, and opens up about life in LA with her kids Ava, 10, and Deacon, 6,

On making time for fitness: ““I try to exercise every day. I like to run for about an hour and I’m big into working out with girlfriends. It’s an acquired skill, being able to discuss your love life, children and friends – all while you’re running! But we have mastered it.”

On balancing career and kids: “I love my life without work and I love my life with work. My mother, who’s a nurse, called me the other day when I was really stressed out from working a 15-hour day. And she was like, ‘Yeah, but think of it as a part-time job’. And I thought, ‘That’s actually right, it puts it in perspective’. I work incredibly hard for three months, but then I get a break. It’s about really enjoying my time off. I have to ask myself questions such as, ‘Where do I relax the most? Where are my children happiest?’ My ideal scenario is to do one movie a year. But as an actor, I don’t think you can do an awful lot of planning. In fact, my new philosophy in life is: ‘I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it’. I used to spend a lot of time thinking about the future, as if I could magically predict it if I planned it enough. And then I realized, I can’t.”

On sharing her fabulous wardrobe: “There are three of us who wear pretty much the same size, so we’ll get together on a Friday night and I’ll bring clothes I want to trade and they’ll bring theirs. We swap shoes and handbags a lot. I wore my girlfriend’s dress to a wedding recently. It’s fun.” And with Ava? “Sometimes. She’s almost as tall as me – it’s getting scary. But when she and Deacon get home from school, it’s more about gymnastics, horse riding, karate, or whatever.”

On raising her kids in LA: “Sometimes it’s really difficult for me, being far away from home. LA is where my job is and I have to be close, but I never imagined that my children wouldn’t grow up next door to my brother’s children. Or that my mom and dad wouldn’t constantly be around. You know, I had dinner every night with my grandparents as a kid, so I think missing out on that is a hard compromise. At least I have a lot of southern friends in LA – I gravitate toward them. I think of those people as a part of my family: they take care of me and I take care of them.”

On lessons learned through divorce: “You reconsider certain things, but you just have to keep going. You have to keep it together for your kids and for yourself too. I’m trying to learn from the things that have happened in my life, live more in the moment and have more fun. Someone told me recently to live in the present, but make plans and take pictures. And I am. I’m writing more, I’m reading more. Going to more concerts.”

On her “greater purpose”: “I believe we’re all the same – we’re all just people going through life, so maybe that comes through. I feel I’m so lucky to be able to do movies that create characters who are real women. I throw myself 100 per cent into things. It’s just deeply personal for me. I care a lot and I want to know that I’m making a difference. I grew up in a community where, every day of my life, my parents and grandparents would wake up and say, ‘What can I do for somebody else?’ In that sense, I do feel like I’m on this journey that has a greater purpose. I’m not totally there yet, but I’m finding my way.”

On her work with Avon: “I especially love working and travelling with Avon. Signing on as their global ambassador matched what I was involved in doing personally; every charity I championed, like the Children’s Defense Fund and Save the Children, was for kids. But I discovered that, for me, the best way I can help kids is by empowering women. And all of a sudden I had this incredible sponsor behind these ideas I’ve been promoting for so long.”

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Photo credit: UK In Style, February 2010


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    God bless her and her family! I just love Reese.

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