Tori Spelling To Pen Third Book

Tori Spelling fans will be happy to hear that the busy mom-of-two is hard at work on a new book.

Tentatively titled unchartered terriTORI, the book will delve into the 90210 star’s family life, looking at “her reaction to the tabloid scrutiny of her weight, her infamous relationship with mom Candy, with whom she just reconciled, life with husband Dean McDermott and their two children, and whether they might be adding to their brood in the near future,” according to People.

Tori, who has also penned best-sellers Mommywood and sTORItelling, seems to have no shortage of material – the hard part is finding time to get it all down on paper!

“With two kids it’s hard to find down time to write so I often write during their nap time,” says Tori, who is mom to kids Liam, 2, and Stella, 1. “Whenever something happens that makes me laugh or if I remember something in the middle of the night that I want to share, I jot the experience down…. The biggest challenge was finding the time. The biggest joy was appreciating how lucky I am to have that challenge!”

Tori’s third book is scheduled to hit bookstores this June.

Have you read either of Tori’s previous books? Will you be picking up the new one?

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Photo credit: From Tori Spelling & Little Maven for exclusive use on CBS

  • anne

    What the world needs now . . . is more wisdom from Tori! 😛 (Though if she sells a lot of these things, at least a little of the publisher’s income allows them to publish non-bestsellers that otherwise, though worthwhile, wouldn’t see the light of day . . . ah, the way of the world.)

  • Janie

    Does this woman do anything besides pose in front of the cameras every day? She is pathetic! I have never read any of her books and I never will!

  • hope

    That’s great news. I am just now reading Mommywood, i am looking forward to her next book.

  • Anonymous

    I love both her books- can’t wait to read a third!

  • iluvny79

    i love love Tori Spelling and her family, because they seem so close-knit and that shows how committed they are to one another. She also seems to be a great wife and mom. Keep up the good work Tori!

  • Anonymous

    What could this imbecile possibly write about that she has not already twittered about, aired on her pathetic TV show or plastered in the tabloids? Tori is so over-exposed for such an ugly no-talent, and Dean looks and acts like the “Balloon Boy’s” dad!!!

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