Sarah Chalke: Parenting Prep From Her Pup

Sarah Chalke and fiancé Jamie Afifi just announced the birth of their son, Charlie Rhodes Afifi, who came into the world on Christmas Eve.

The 33-year-old Scrubs star credits her 7-year-old dog, Lola, for preparing her for motherhood.

I have the cutest little chocolate Lab that the whole Scrubs cast got for me at a charity auction. She was our little Scrubs mascot. She’d come to work with me every day. I love to take her hiking. It definitely prepares you for responsibility,” she told OK! “At the end of the day, you’re responsible for this pet’s well-being, but I’m sure it’s a completely whole other level when you have kids.”

If her baby-parenting style is anything like her pet-parenting style, little Charlie is sure to be one happy little guy.

“I spoil Lola too much,” Sarah said. “I’m not quite firm enough for her. My sister, who’s amazing with dogs, is teaching me how to set limits better.”

And how does she spoil the sweet pup?

“Well, she calls the shots. When I get up in the morning, she jumps up and down and follows me to the kitchen until I feed her, and it’s supposed to be the other way around, I think, that you decide when you feed her. [laughs] She’s the boss. I know I have to turn that around.”

Sarah went on to talk about her fiancé Jamie Afifi.

“I always go to him for advice,” she said. “He’s one of the smartest people I know, and I think that he always has a great perspective on things.”

Apparently, babies were always on the brain for the lovebirds, who got engaged in 2006.

“I have three of the cutest nieces and nephews, who I’m madly in love with, and I’ve always wanted kids to no end,” she said.

Sarah outlined how she and Jamie make a great team.

“We’re opposite in a lot of ways. That makes a good balance, and we have so much fun together. We met so many years ago, and we still have a great time together. And I feel like he’s so there for me. It’s fun to know that no matter what happens, you always have somebody who’s got your back.”

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  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh, this is hilarious — she just had a baby, and she talks about nothing but her dog for the whole interview. Kind of funny 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I hate it when people compare parenting to taking care of their dogs.

  • Sanja

    It says in the interview that this was done before she was even pregnant! reading is key to understanding:-)

  • Anonymous

    Actually, it does say in the interview that she got her dog a few years ago, but she is quoted talking about her dog in an interview that is dated January 8th. It isn’t exactly clear when she actually said all these things, but the article implies that it was all said recently.

    Sanja, read more carefully before you accuse other people of not reading carefully enough! 🙂

  • Janie

    Having and taking care of a baby is NOT the same has taking care of a dog! One is a human being and the other is an animal!

  • Sanja

    Yes, Anonymous, and that means that the magazine came out on Jan 8th. The interview was obviously done before then (since these interviews always are) and therefore before the baby was born. Sarah has made no public interviews since the baby was born, they only issued a statement through her rep to confirm the birth.

  • Alice

    janie & co she SAID it wasn’t the same!! But having a pet is definitely a responsibility, as you need to tend to all its needs and she just said it kind of prepared her. When you’ve never had kids before, this is the closest you’ll get.

  • Solène

    I agree with Alice, I see nothing wrong in this interview. And, I have two cats, and though I know it’s not the same as a child (which Sarah said in the interview!), I love them to death and raising them makes me feel like a mom sometimes. Some people really LOVE their animals and don’t have them just to overlook them and consider them like unworthy of love pets without feelings.

  • Anonymous

    I just thought it was funny that she went on and on about about the dog, and said basically nothing about the baby. (Whether or not the baby had been born by the time she was interviewed, or was soon-to-be-born.)

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it… it’s just kind of odd.

  • Anonymous

    Whoa, calm down!! All she basically said is that a pet is a responsibility, which is very true. It might not be a bad idea for some people to take care of a pet before they have children (prove they can take care of another living being before taking on the awesome responsibility of a baby). Maybe then we would have less neglected children in this world of ours. Plus this interview was CLEARLY taken before her child’s birth. Why can’t people just say “aww, nice lady, nice article, congrats for her” instead lets tear her down for no good reason other than she says that dogs are a responsibility.

    One positive thought or action and change your whole day!

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