Catherine Michiels: Inspirational Holy Trinity Bracelet

Looking for accessories that are on trend, but not saturated via mass market chains? Celebrity Baby Scoop has found a fun, niche, online boutique based in Paris, (ok now we KNOW they’re on trend), that specializes in must-have essentials for your wardrobe. Je Ne Sais Quoi (meant to call to mind the French expression “that certain something” or that certain “I don’t know what…”) puts together seasonal looks featuring 5 must-have items made of edgy, yet elegant accessories created by up-and-coming designers from all over the world.

The company recently sent me the Catherine Michiels Holy Trinity Bracelet in honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. The inscription on the back of one of the charms reads “I’ll Never Stop Loving You” making it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift (have you left out your hint hint list yet?) The Holy Trinity is the symbol of love, protection, enlightenment, spiritual awakening and peace, in the form of the Always, the Mudra and the Lotus pendants. The Mudra pendant, a hand with a 1.2 pt diamond in the palm, protects against the evil eye. The Always pendant with the love inscription inspires loving yourself first, then going on to love others while The Lotus is the symbol of purity, peace and enlightenment. All three pendants are made of sterling silver and and come on a silk tie which can be worn as either a bracelet or a necklace. You may select up to two additional ties with each bracelet purchase.

No matter what your vision, focus, mantra, intention, this designer has a charm for each one. Each of Catherine’s 20 different charms has a special meaning envisioned by the designer herself. Other bracelets in the collection include: the Gold Zinnia (for absent friends/family), Le Petit Max (good luck), the Lily de Paris (innocence, purity and perfection) among others. Ideal for both casual and dressy occasions, wearing jewelry that’s made and worn with intention and soul, tends to draw attention and, in my experience, many compliments!

Catherine Michiels is a Belgian, L.A.-based designer with a loyal celebrity following including big names such as : Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, and Julia Roberts all of whom have become fans of the spiritual bracelets.

Special Sale: 30-60% off at through February 9th and FREE international shipping. Once the sale ends, international shipping will be FREE for purchases over $220 (approximately).

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    orlando bloom and miranda kerr have an adorable silver twist bracelet for their baby. the website (wristcandi) has a list of celebs who have their bracelets

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