Joey Fatone Welcomes Second Daughter: Kloey Alexandra!

Joey Fatone and wife Kelly have welcome their second daughter, PEOPLE reports.

Kloey Alexandra Fatone was born on Monday (January 11) in Orlando, Florida, weighing in at 5 lbs., 8 oz. She joins 8 ½-year-old big sister Briahna (pictured above with mom and dad).

“Kloey’s so small,” the Dancing with the Stars alum says. “She looks like a little doll. But she’s healthy and doing just fine.”

It was a tough pregnancy for Kelly. Shortly after learning that she was pregnant, she began fighting chronic fatigue. “She was so tired, just exhausted all the time,” the ‘NSYNC singer says of his wife of five years. “We took her to the doctors, and they found blood clots in her lungs. It was life and death.”

After 12 days in the hospital – including 2 days in the ICU – doctors diagnosed Kelly with a rare genetic condition called Methylene-Tetra-Hydro-Folate-Reductase (MTHFR). While MTHFR puts the mother’s life at risk, the condition also increases the chances of the baby being born with chromosomal defects such as Down’s Syndrome.

Fatone, 32, says Kelly took it easy throughout the pregnancy, however, last week she started experiencing a rapid heartbeat and fainting spells. Her doctors decided to induce Kelly’s labor two weeks before her due date.

After an intense delivery, there is good news to report. “The blood clots have broken up, Kelly’s doing fine and Kloey is awesome,” Joey proudly proclaims.

And what about her interesting name? Kloey comes from a combination of Joey and Kelly’s names, the former boy band star explains. And as for the middle name, Alexandra, it was selected by big sister Briahna.

“I’m thrilled,” Fatone happily says. “I’m just so happy that everyone’s healthy.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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