Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Appeal For Haiti Earthquake Relief

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are speaking out about the magnitude 7 earthquake that struck Haiti yesterday. It was the strongest earthquake to hit the region in more than two centuries. In a statement released to Celebrity Baby Scoop, the A-lister couple have expressed their deep sorrow at the widespread loss of life that has occurred in the Haiti earthquake.

We are devastated by the news from Haiti. We will work closely with our good friend Wyclef Jean to support the humanitarian efforts on the island and help those who have been injured and left without homes and shelter.”

The high-profile couple visited the island in January, 2006 (pictured above when Angelina was pregnant with their daughter Shiloh) to assist Wyclef Jean’s charity Yele Haiti.

Some more of our favorite celeb parents have taken to Twitter to advocate for the people of Haiti:

Jessica Alba: “@CARE #Haiti “We’re particularly worried about the chldrn, cause so many schools have collapsed”< I donated Tnk U 4 ur work!" Ben Stiller: “People in Haiti need our help and attention right now.”

Nicole Richie: “To donate to the ongoing emergency relief efforts in Haiti & Caribbean region, please visit:”

Alyson Hannigan: “Please RT @redcross efforts 4 Haiti”

An estimated 100,000 or more people have died from the natural disaster, while approximately 3 million people – a third of the country’s population – were affected by the quake.

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  • Kediia

    Thank You !! ♥

  • Anonymous

    Omg these people have been destroying America for decades…so happy about the earthquake…these natural disasters always strike in the right places.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t know what the hell u r talking about… Why don’t u keep your thoughts to yourself.

  • Anonymous

    I´m so proud to be a fan of both Brad and Angie! They´re such a great humanitarians. They´re so kind-hearted that despite their busy schedules and big family they always find time to help those who are in need. They really should be rewarded for their humanitarian work somehow. They´re celebrities who take the charity work they do seriously. Many other celebs should follow their lead.

  • Lioness

    Is it eerie to anyone else that they’re forming 7’s with their hands in the pic (taken in 2008), and the earthquake that just happened was a magnitude 7? I thought it was a recent pic until I saw Brad without his beard… What a spooky coincidence…

  • Anonymous

    Actually, that picture was taken in 2006. Angelina was pregnant with Shiloh in that photo.

  • Anonymous

    Godbless Haiti. I rebuke you people who are hateful and don’t care about a human in need. One day this could be you, so be thankful now.

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