Eat Cleaner: Food Wash for Fruits & Veggies

Most parents are now on high alert when it comes to food contamination. At CelebrityBabyScoop, we’re no different. As news of foodborne illness and unsafe food supply continues to mount, a new food cleaner line aims to help parents take the safety of their meals into their own hands. EAT CLEANER is the first all-natural, odorless and tasteless food wash that is laboratory-tested to be 99.9% effective in removing pesticides, waxes and surface debris that can carry bacteria from produce, seafood and poultry, including Salmonella and E. Coli.

As we know, cleaning fruits and veggies can be time consuming. The company sent us the EAT CLEANER Wash and Dryer Kit which also contains a 4 oz. bottle of fruit & veggie cleaner concentrate along with a produce scrub brush. In addition, we received full sized bottles of EAT CLEANER with easy spray nozzles as well as their handy EAT CLEANER biodegradable wipes. The handy Wash and Dryer kit allows you to clean, spin dry and store all in one container. Wow, what a time saver! And after cleaning numerous servings of broccoli, green beans, carrots, apples, pears and more, I can assure you that the product is indeed odorless and tasteless. It’s quicker and easier to use than water, and so much more effective! Another benefit is that EAT CLEANER inhibits browning, prolonging your food’s shelf life.

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  • brett bogart

    The wipes are awesome!!!! i can use them when i go hiking or camping and clean all the kids hands and not worrying about all the dirt on there fingers. It works great on the fruit i bring keeps everything lasting longer, even after they are cut. I LOVE THIS STUFF………..

  • I think many people don’t realize just how important it really is to wash all your food before you eat. Water alone isn’t always enough, you have to take it a step further.

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