Bristol Palin: “I’m Not Going To Have Sex Until I’m Married”

In addition to proclaiming she’s glad she “chose life,” Bristol Palin also talks to In Touch about having Tripp at such a young age. Instead of going off to university, Bristol is working full-time at a doctor’s office in Anchorage and taking classes at a small college in Wasilla.

Tripp is the love of my life — I couldn’t ask for a better baby,” the teen mom says. “But the reality is I’m 19 years old and I have a one-year-old. I wish I could be in my 30s with a baby, and not be in my 20s. Just having him so young — I have to work, and I have to provide for him, because I’m a single mom. Time for yourself — there’s no such thing. You don’t have time for friends when you have a baby. Things like that are just put on the back burner. I’m not going to have sex until I’m married. I can guarantee it.”

Bristol now serves as a teen ambassador for Candie’s and wants to do speaking engagements to promote safe sex and abstinence.

Her mother Sarah Palin admits that she feels some disappointment for her daughter. “Everything stopped. Education slowed down. Before, the world was her oyster. She has limited options now.”

Bristol also says that everyone in the household helps out with Tripp and her baby brother Trig. “We all work as a team in my family, helping out with bottles and laundry, and dishes and diapers. It works really well.”

And yes, there is some time for fun as well. Sarah takes kickboxing classes with her girlfriends in town. Willow, a freshman in high school, plays basketball and loves Twilight and hunky vampire Robert Pattinson. Piper takes ballet classes and is in a choir, and most of the kids, including Piper and Tripp, love to go snowmachining. Their favorite family activity of all? “We all like The Office,” Sarah says. “That is the one TV show everybody watches.”

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  1. Anonymous

    does the baby look like todd?

  2. Anonymous

    Bristol, it’s too late for this. People usually save their virginities for marriage. Now that you have Tripp, it’ll be hard to marry.

    • Anonymous

      From what I’ve seen, most mothers that start out single do get married later. And deciding to raise this baby is not something Bristol HAD to do- she could have let someone else adopt it if she chose. I’m prolife so I’m not going to get into abortion much here, but I’m guessing that Bristol is FAR from being the first politician’s teenage daughter to get pregnant- most of the others just miscarried or aborted, so we heard nothing about it. (I’m not sure if adoption could be kept secret in this case, but maybe it could somehow.)

    • Anonymous

      i dont know who you or if you meant well but i believe Bristol did the right thing and though she is in a hard situation she is not doomed to being single forever. God can still use her and still has a plan for her. so yes it will be hard for her but that doesnt mean she wont get married. and by the way, it is never too late to start over. That is what God can do.

  3. musiclover

    Wow, Tripp looks just like Bristol!

  4. SAM

    Good for her! She made a mistake and at least seems like she learned from it. By the way, that baby is adorable!

  5. Tazina

    Surely the baby doesn’t have to be bathed in the kitchen sink. Probably just for the photo opp. How does she know she won’t have sex until she’s married? All it will take will be that one special person and all bets are off.

  6. alexandria

    I feel she is being very honest here and what a tough road she has ahead. I hope she’s letting Levi help out so she can still make the most of her teen years.

  7. popsykl

    Kitchen sinks are filthy, why do you bath your babies there in america?

  8. Sapwolf

    Sinks are great for bathing babies as long as you keep the sink clean.

    Tripp is cute. He’ll need a kootie innocculation before he starts kindergarten.

  9. Anonymous

    Popsykl, I don’t know how dirty your sink is but mine is extremely clean…. Sinks are great and easy way to bath your baby…. Good for her. She has really stepped up to her responsibilities. It show’s great maturity to have to do these things.. I wish her the best.

  10. Trish

    My mom bathed all her children in the sink, of course it was clean before the baby was put in it, I know lots of people who do this, what’s the big deal!

  11. Anonymous

    @popsykl there is nothing wrong with bathing a baby in a clean sink. i dont know where you are from but my parents are from the UK and they do it there as well.

  12. Anonymous

    sorry popsykl, i’m from wales (in the UK, not in america) and i bathe my baby in the sink. i don’t know what YOUR sink looks like, but most people actually keep them clean.

  13. Annie123

    She just conviced me to have an abortion!! I’m just kidding, but honestly if you’re advocating for life stop complaining about how a kid slows down your education or ruins your social life. These pro-life people annoy me, you’re suppost to feel bad for them when they acted completely irresponsibly.

    • Moore

      You’d be complaining if she talked like it was all rosy to be pregnant and have responsibilities as a teenager. Motherhood is hard and now she gets it. You can’t have life both ways.
      Also way to make a huge generalization about a group of people. You’d be pissed if someone walked around talking about how annoying those abortion having people are like we’re suppost (supposed) to support their irresponsible decisions by voting yes so they can make more of them. See, that’s just as annoying and general, isn’t it?

  14. Pencils

    Kitchen sinks shouldn’t be filthy–because then who would want to eat off dishes washed in there? I bathe my baby in there all the time, it’s a lot easier than the big tub. I can stand up, for one thing!

    And, Bristol, there’s this thing called “birth control.” If used correctly, it’s extremely reliable in preventing pregnancy. I realize no one taught you about it because you got “abstinence -based sex education” (which obviously didn’t take) but information is available on the internet.

  15. @Pencils

    @Pencils … I believe that Bristol’s ex, Levi Johnston, claimed that he sometimes used a condom with her. There’s zero reason to believe that Bristol got pregnant because she was deprived of information about contraception. Teens who know about contraception get pregnant every day. And maybe her reason for abstaining until she gets married has something to do with her faith.

  16. Lioness

    Isn’t it a little late for that? Anyway, these people sound nuts- just because she had a child young doesn’t mean her life has to stop or that she has “limited options”, and it definitely doesn’t mean she’ll have difficulty getting married (if anything, being a Palin will prove more of an obstacle in that dept.!) It will be more difficult, yes, but she’s certainly capable of achieving anything she wants- especially with the resources she has available to her.

  17. Anonymous

    Jeez, the problem isn’t having sex, it’s not taking the appropriate measures to avoid the pregnancy… otherwise every woman would have as many kids as the duggars. That said, if she isn’t mature enough to manage this stuff she really shouldn’t be having sex.

  18. Pencils

    @Pencils (whoever you are)–either Bristol got pregnant on purpose, or she got pregnant because she didn’t know how to use birth control correctly. Unless she was raped, but no one has intimated that. Or she chose not to use birth control, but in my book that is the same as getting pregnant on purpose. Birth control, when used correctly, has a tiny percentage of failure. “Using a condom sometimes” isn’t using birth control correctly or effectively. Someone fell down on the job teaching Bristol the facts of life.

  19. Twin-Love

    I hate this, the way she is like – my life is ruined, I have to work so hard, and Palin, “she has limited options now.” that’s just stupid! Your life is what you make it, my mother gave birth to twin girls at 18, and raised them to 12 as a single mother, she is a very successful women now in her mid 50’s – having her girls never slowed her down, and when asked how did she do it, she answers, there wasn’t any other way, I didn’t have time to feel sorry for myself, I had two girls who relied on me, its about determination.

    Bristol is just a winger, she choose life, now she has to work for what she wants.

  20. Anonymous

    The comments on here are disgusting. Of course having a baby is going to change your life. And yes many things that she may have wanted, she can’t……Having a baby is a full time job. If anyone has grown up to be a responsible, mature women it is her.
    Annie123: well people like you annoy me…. “Yes that horrible women decide to give this baby boy 100 years of life and didn’t kill it the first chance she when got she when found out she was pregnant.” Things are going to be hard and it is going to take time to figure things out, but in no way does that make her irresponsible. I think it is irresponsible for someone to get pregnant and than kill it. That baby didn’t ask to be conceived but than it didn’t ask to be killed before they had a chance to live life.
    There is nothing wrong with her saying she wants to wait until she gets married to have sex again. She has obviously learned through all of this and maybe she wants to make right with her decisions. And I praise her for that. It takes a strong, devoted, loving women to be in her situation…. And all people who think she is wrong for feeling the way she feels needs to take a walk in her shoes for the day and see how far she has come. Sorry she didn’t take the easy road and just killed her baby and moved on.

  21. Anonymous

    Say what you want…..she has hard chosen a hard road for a good reason and that deserves respect.

  22. Anonymous

    I don’t respect this girl. If she had done the right thing, she would’ve given the baby up for adoption. Given him the chance to be raised by a loving couple who could give him every opportunity in life. Would that have been devastatingly hard? Yes, but it would’ve been the correct thing to do for him.

    • Moore

      You’re assuming that adoption is the best choice on both sides. Who’s to say the child would have immediately been picked up by a well to do, happy, great family? That’s not always the norm. Hoped for but not always the norm. She has every ability to take care of her child and she is doing so. Just because a child is raised by one parent does not mean the child is at a disadvantage nor does it mean that it is incorrect. You are ridiculous in thinking that what you think is correct will work in this and any other situation. It must be rather sad thinking this way.

  23. Anonymous

    Moore: Completely agree…. You took the words right out of my mouth

  24. firstwife

    Actually, Bristol couldn’t have let the baby be adopted out unless the FATHER agreed to it too. BOTH would have to relinquish their rights in order for the child to be adopted. If she didn’t want to raise Tripp, Levi would have then been the remaining birth parent with the right to keep and raise him as a single parent. Since she chose to keep the baby, the father has equal rights to parent the child. At least that’s how it works in Washington state.

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