Angelina Jolie & Her Saturday Shoppers

Angelina Jolie was spotted out with two of her daughters – Zahara, 5, and Shiloh, 3 1/2 – at Whole Foods in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on Saturday (January 16). Shiloh appeared to be covering her face from the paps in her hat and tie ensemble as Zaraha happily skipped alongside the duo in black high-heeled boots.

We just saw Angie and the girls, along with big brothers Maddox, 8, and Pax, 6, at the Apple store in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old Lara Croft star and her longtime partner, Brad Pitt, recently donated $1 million to Doctors Without Borders for the organization’s emergency medical operations in Haiti. Brad and Angie are also parents to 1-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

What do you think of Zahara and Shiloh’s outfits?

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Like always : }
    Tomboy Shioh and girly girl Zahara :}
    Georgeos and adorable after all {} Love them both.

  • nanpan

    Yep, Z looks very sleek and glam and Shi looks like a cool dude. The girls obviously dress themselves, with Zahara finding inspiration from mom and Shiloh getting it from dad and her big brothers. In fact, I’d imagine that Shiloh is wearing hand-me-downs from Maddox or Pax. Those jeans are a bit large on her 😉

    But I love it! They are allowed to express their personalities through their clothing choices and I don’t think any of it is age or weather inappropriate. I would be fine with my daughter choosing to dress like either girl.

  • Anonymous

    honestly I love how she lets her girls be who they want to be. Shi used to be dressed girly when she was younger. up until about 3 when Shi started to have a say in what she wanted to wear. Zahara is stunning, I love her outfit.

    P.S I cant be the only one dying to see the twins right?

  • kay

    Shiloh carrying around a pink blankie and sucking her thumb, and then you look at her outfit and you can’t but laugh lol.

  • Kediia

    I love this family .. =)

  • keepher-kat

    After Violet and Kingstone still using the pacifier, Suri, SAM and Lola Sheen now Zahara wearing heels, and Shiloh who think she is a boy!!!!!!!
    I’m really starting to worry about these celebrity children. Ava and Mathilda seem the most equilibrate to me.
    But none can deny that they are truly adorable, all of them!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kediia

      mm .. well every normal child are like this ..
      just the celebrity children are the one who see the most ..
      so we cant judge THEM and say that THEY have a problem ..

      They are all normal … Only Suri’s heels are … disturbing .. cause they are real heels .. but Zahara, they are just boots .. so it’s okay …

    • Annica

      I clicked on the comments just to see who would be the first to complain about the heels…or if anyone would.

  • Kediia

    the one we see the most **
    sorry for the mistake ..

  • Jaime

    I think its great that angelina is letting her daughters express their personalities through their clothing

  • Gedah

    I think the clothes really suit the children in their own little way…very cute

  • Anonymous

    Kediia: Double standard. Those are knee-high leather (pleather?), high-heeled boots on Zahara, just as high if not higher than Suri’s ever were. If Katie had allowed Suri to wear something like that, the blogs would be flooded with comments saying what horrible parents Tom and Katie are to let their child wear a shoe largely associated with sensual adult women and physically damaging to the wearer’s feet and back.

    Heels aren’t good for ANY kid, in ANY style. But IMHO, at the end of the day, there are a lot more children to worry about over a few incredibly wealthy, otherwise healthy celebrity children.

    • Kediia

      well that’s just my opinion ..
      I think that the boots arent that disturbing ..
      and even if Suri would wear these, it would be fine ..
      I dont remember which celeb kid whore that kind of bots before, but
      to me it wasn’t disturbing ..

  • Anonymous

    WOW 2 sittings with the kids and no Brad. Guess they must be splitting and this is Jolie starting the “I’m a hands on mother” press campaign. You guys just keep falling for it. She used Maddox for a photo op when she and BBT broke up. She used Pax for a photo op 24 hours after bringing him home while at the same time she said she felt bad that she was going to expose him to all the publicity. The New York Times has called Jolie The MASTERMANIPULATOR, and gave her kudos for being the best at it.
    Afterall lets face it a self mutilating, ex drug addict, promiscous woman has now turned into an International embassador and mother of the year. She is gooooooooooooooood!

    • Andrew

      oooh yes the New York Times or the New York Post. Get your thing right. The New York post wrote it just because she doesn’t give them a word. Tabloids are so stuffed up in the usa and uk. Still living back 6 years. Brad and Jen were ovah in 2003. It’s ovah! Your Jen is the media whore. She loves appearing in this triangle thing. It’s the only thing she can do. It’s ovah ovah ovah. Even if Brad and Angie should split Jen is in the closet.

      • Shirilicious

        Way to make yourself look stupid, Andrew. It was definitely the New York Times (and not some tabloid). Google “Angelina Jolie’s Carefully Orchestrated Image” and see for yourself.

  • Danielle

    Hooker heals for Zahara. eek. Yuck. expected better of Angie.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Shiloh is transexual, or just tomboyish?
    Seriously, she dresse herself very manly.
    Or, It’s Angie who have sett that style for Shiloh.

  • Andrew

    somebody here is still living 5 years behind. It’s ovah! Carry on hoping that they split but Jen is forgotten babe. Live you life and you’ll live better.

  • Audrey

    Hmm, I just see a mom with kids buying groceries. Looks normal to me.

  • Catherine

    You can’t be more tomboy than Shiloh 😛 She seems to have inherited most genes from Brad, and none of her gorgeous mother. I don’t think she looks very cute in the type of clothes she wears, but I guess if she want so dress like that, then why would anyone stop her.

  • Anonymous

    suri’s shoes were just ballroom dance shoes, yet people bash her and her parents like crazy.
    Kediia, you should be ashame of yourself by judging suri like that.
    high heel boots are still heels. if suri wears the same boots, there would be much more bashing.

    • Kediia

      Um hellow I’m not judging the kid .. I’m judging the shoes ..
      you should be ashamed of yourself judging me … =____=

      And if Suri was wearing these I .. and I repeat, I WILL NOT SAY THING !!!
      I never said that no one would say a word .. personally i wouldn’t mind …

      gush people learn how to read ..

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I think Shi’s outfit is a bit odd. The hat, and tie?
    Was it said that she dresses herself?
    I’d worry if so… WAY to tom-boyish for my taste. Curious to see her in 5 years.
    JUST my opinion.
    And the boots, I don’t think are as bad at Suri’s heels mainly because she’s not wearing them in every photo.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but a 3 year old doesn’t pick out fedoras and ties. Puleeze. Angelina is some kind of freak who is stifling Shiloh’s beautiful little self with black, black and more black accessorized with boys’ sneakers, hats, belts, ties, you name it. I can’t imagine ONE little 3 year old girl out there who doesn’t want to dress in at least one pink outfit! And it is not ironic that Z is always looking the “girly-er” of the two. It’s Angelina’s bizarre belief that her adopted children MUST not ever feel less important or doted on than the biological ones. So, then, why did she even have her own kids? Ohhhh, yeah… to keep Brad! She’s nuts, and I feel bad for Shiloh.

    • Cindy

      Yeah…this is what I was kinda thinking, too. I mean, those clothes have to be options for her before she can choose them. I won’t be convinced that she doesn’t push that look for Shiloh. She wants kids of all nationalities and wants them all unique. I wonder how Vivien will “choose” to dress herself. Maybe Emo or Goth or Sprocket.

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps you have issues with gender stereotypes. My six year old adores pink, loves ballet, and would wear a dress daily if I let her. My four year old, on the otherhand, refuses to wear dresses, skirts, the colors pink, purple, or anything that has flowers, hearts, etc. on it. She’s loves playing football and would wear her uniform daily if she was allowed. So what? Just because a child is in fact a girl does not mean she has to wear pink and dance around in a tutu.

  • Allegra

    How is it impossible that Shiloh chose this outfit herself? Plenty of kids her age are at the beginnings of independence, and like to express it in many different ways, including what they wear. Not all girls like pink frilly frocks and princess outfits. Angelina has two very different little girls on her hands and I think it’s great that she’s letting them be who they want to be.

  • carolyn

    So cute how different the two girls are. Both adorable, though!

  • Lioness

    What does “way too tomboyish” mean?? Are there levels? Shiloh is who she is. Ali Landry puts those ridiculous big bows in Estela’s hair and dresses her in dresses all the time, and everyone thinks it’s so cute- no one complains about her being “way too girly”, because she fits properly into the mold of what a girl is, in many people’s minds. And there the discrimination starts… Why can’t people just be themselves? I personally LOVE Shiloh’s and Z’s outfits (though I’m not so sure about those heels… heels on kids is like bikinis on kids- they just don’t make sense). The only problem I would have is if Shiloh or Zahara didn’t want to dress that way…

    • Shirilicious

      Couldn’t agree more with you.

  • Amanda719

    Angie has been dressing Shiloh in boys clothes since she was born. The only time she has ever been dressed as a girl was when she was with Brads mom. I think she is going too far in trying to make sure her adopted kids dont feel out of place because she is screwing up her biological ones.

  • Anonymous

    Those knee-high pleather high-heeled boots look awful, especially on a young child. Furthermore, wearing them does not do good to children’s growing bodies, particularly their feet and spines.

  • Mike

    Gosh, Shiloh seems sad in this pictures, and the way Angie grab her wrist…
    Z is cute

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous @ 04:51 – I totally agree with you. I also love the fact that Angie lets her girls to be what they are. If that means that Shi seems to love to dress up in boys´ clothes then be it. She is only 3 1/2 years old. At that age children start to have the will of their own and they can´t be forced to wear what you want. They wear the clothes THEY want to wear. I love the outfits that both girls are wearing. And if that pink blanket Shi is carrying is girlish enough so what is? She looks just adorable the way she is. And so is Zee. There´s nothing wrong with those boots she´s wearing. The heals aren´t too high in my opinioon. I much rather watch Zahara wearing these kind of shoes than Suri Cruise wearing high heals. No offense to Suri fans! Love this family. And Anonymous @ 04:51: you aren´t the only one who´s missing the twins. I´m too!

  • Anonymous

    I really hate the double standards on this sites. The heels are suddely OK because it is Shiloh and Brange have bloggers to jumo from blog to blog defending them using multiple personalities. The truth will always come out. Let’s wait and see how those kids turn out. Shi CANNOT choose those clothes without anyone availing them to her. This is Angelina trying to play god with the kids and manipulate them into what she wants.

  • Anonymous

    Lioness you are wrong…I complain all the time that Ali Landry’s daughter is dressed “way too girly”…those bows are a fashion crime! I think its normal for a 3 yr olod to want to dress up and also to emulate siblings. Shiloh is alos close in age to Zahara…she probably got a lot of tatention from her parents for wanting to look like daddy and now its all she’ll wear.

    I am NOT however a fan of high heel anything on little girls…creepy!

  • Saranax

    Some of you people are disguisting human being. Why don’t you take your nasty posts to the hole you have been living all these years? Running from one blog to another with the same kind of comments about a person you obviously don’t like tell me you can’t be a mother. Why don’t you try to get a man and have a baby and try all your motherly advice on your poor baby. It’s a baby blog for god’s sake.

    Shiloh and Zahara are both really adorable in their own ways. Zahara dresses just like AJ while Shiloh looks like little Brad from hips down.cute

  • Liron

    Who cares what they are wearing?! Just enjoy the pics and stop being so judgmental.
    I was a tomboy all my life and when my mom tried to get me in dresses or skirts and sent me to ballet classes I’d run away. I often cut my hair short and was mistaken for a boy even at 17. I’ve only started dressing more “womanlike” in my mid to late 20s and I still like men (not that I’d mind being a lesbian, but I’m not).

    I do admit feeling a bit of ‘ick’ when I see those little girls wearing heals, not because it’s an adult look, but because I think it ruins the feet? unless they have a flat sole inside like my boots lol

    • Cécile

      “Who cares what they are wearing?!”Well, let’s take a second an read the actual article. What do we see?:
      “What do you think of Zahara and Shiloh’s outfits?”
      So,obviously the blogger/journalist responsible for this article cares and asks her/his readers their take on the subject (a futile one I give it to you but we’re not on the WSJ or The Economist blogs).The said readers took a few seconds to answer,big deal. If the superficial nature of the question annoys you so much,complain directly at the person who asked it.

  • Danielle

    I just realised Shiloh is crying in the photos. Aww wonder why.
    Regarding her outfit, I have no problem with shiloh wearing what is seen as ‘typical boys clothes’ but I am not fond of the tie, I don’t know any little boys who go around wearing one either but that’s just my personal opinion. My friends little girl is a tomboy but she is 6 and it is a recent thing all of sudden she doesn’t want to wear dresses or anything pink. Loves black and pirates.
    Another friends son love’s stereo typical girls things, and his mother is fine with him wearing a bit of pink, so he has sparkly pink wellies, and pink t-shirts. He is 4 and has always been this way, has 2 older brothers who are quite ‘boyish’. So quite clearly just the way he is.

  • Anonymous

    I have a 4 year old grand-daughter who wears Cinderella’s blue dress, a red cowboy hat, her indian necklace, her tool belt and snow boots while playing with her toy Craftsman wielding gun. She is who she is, I’m not going to stop her from not being a cookie cutter kid. When she wants to dress up for a special occassion she perfectly matches colors and styles. Our mistake as adults is forgetting that kids are smarter and more together than we give them credit for. So Shiloh likes boys clothes, so does my kid, for that matter of fact so do I like jeans and comfortable shoes and a cap – big deal. It’s in your own twisted mind if you see this as a future sign of being gay. Leave the kids alone, who cares what they become as long as they are healthy, happy and loving people who hurt no one. Jeez get a freaking life and let them have theirs.

    • nanpan

      Agree with you wholeheartedly! You sound like a great mom 🙂

  • Anonymous

    By the way – my grand-daughter has almost the same boots – they are not that high and while she usually wears them only with skirts and tights there are time when she becomes a pirate becuase she watches too much Spongebob! Arrrrghh!

  • Anonymous

    Poor Shiloh. Maybe she didn’t get something she wanted in the store. I know my 4 year old niece and nephew break down in tears if they aren’t allowed to get something they want in a store.
    I have no problem with what either girl is wearing. I have a niece that absolutely refuses to wear dresses or pink. However, it’s not uncommon to see her playing with dolls. Kids are weird and it’s hard to guess why they do the things they do half the time. If this is how Shiloh wants to dress, then I don’t see the issue. Brad and Angelina recently took the children to see a Broadway production. Shiloh was dressed very nicely for that outing because they were going somewhere special. Why not let her wear what she wants for a little trip to the store. I absolutely love Zahara’s outfit. It fits her personality very well and she’s rockin’ those boots. Both girls look healthy and happy (well, except for Shiloh’s tears). That’s all anyone should be concerned with.

  • Anonymous

    I love Z’s outfit. I like the fact that they let the kids express themselves freely.

  • Anonymous

    Such a double standard with the haters on this site. If Suri had on these boots most people would be in a tizzy. Amazing how people praise these two girls for their dress sense and criticize others. The Angelina freak show continues.

  • Peta

    I like Shiloh’s outfit a lot, it’s just the height of the heels on Zahara’s boots that give me pause. Heels on little girls have been a pet peeve of mine since I was 14, when I saw a 3rd grader in my young friend’s classroom wearing 3 or 4 inch high heeled school shoes. Yes, high heels on a 3rd grader. O_O

  • Sali

    I have to say, they are both unique beautiful little girls.

    someone said they didnt know what 3 year old girl wouldnt want to dress in pink. I was a 3 year old girl who didnt dress in pink. i dont know if it was a choice of me or my mum as she bought the clothes but i had cousins hand me downs and was an active child so shorts and trainers and dungarees and hats boyish things was my style most days with maybe a cardi – but my brothers and me had the same knitted cardi’s as we grew up so even that was more unisex. if i wore a skirt to school you’d bet i’d wear trainers. i was a creative kid, loved cars and hanging about with the boys and football but also loved dancing and dolls, but if i dressed myself would and still does end up in mismatched clothes similar to Shi’s style but more extreme and not on purpose im not good at matching styles together with colour schemes.
    Every kid is different, likes different things and are influenced by different people.
    All our Personalities are different and we dress in ways which go with our personality.
    I know Kids aged 4 -8 wearing heels like Z, also 2-4 year olds wearing black but also pink. I never wore heels till I was about 13 and it was boots like Z’s then when I was 17 I got heel boots. and I was never dressed in black . it was school uniform black trousers and cardi and that was it. until i was 15 when i had black tops but hardly worn unless for gym. My mum believed black was for funerals and if sad – which as a child you have to be happy ( i was alot of the time in bright happy colours) and heels was for adults, theres no need to grow up to fast.
    I know lots if younger girls who each dress differently, its about what parents are comfy with buying there kids and what kids want and what they see there friends wear.
    kids want to wear what they see other kids wear. they also don’t want to wear things that arent comfy, things they dont really like the look of. Society shows young girls more provocative clothing. Remember when we wore Crop tops and joggies just because Sporty Spice wore it, or when everyone tried to be like Britney.
    If when we were young had blogs and was more a celeb’ world like now, you know someone would comment on a blog, or in a chat with friends, somewhere if you were in the public eye or not about what you were wearing and how wrong it is and disapprove or say things about how your family must want you to be insane.

    The point of all that rabble is, theres a stereotype of what weee boys and wee girls should be like,( in some of my pictures as a baby/infant i looked more like a boy, and my brother had curly locks and was soo cute he would be mistaken for a girl wearing boyish clothes) but they never are, everyone likes different things thats why we are individuals- no two people are the same(twins can be exception)- so we should stop criticizing there parents and what the kids must be like and what they wear unless you, yourself are perfect.

    Just because Shi is wearing boyish clothes people assume she will be transexual/gender or lesbian ( nothing wrong with any of them) and just because Z wears black boots and skinnier clothes she will be promiscuous- it doesnt mean that they will be, clothing style may be there choice or not but it suits there personalities from what we see, and it shouldnt be our concern, what ever paths they choose in life we have to allow them to make they choices of what to wear who to be without judging them as they have the whole world just about looking at them and most of us got to be children/teens making wrong style choices, wrong life choices without being judged by the rest of the world. I believe this for all the Celebrities children out there and child stars( jolie-pitts, afflecks, cruise, madden, samuels, osbourne ect..) who over the years have been judged by bloggers/press and after reading all this I had to vent this out, sorry it had to be on celebbabyscoop- who i love.
    We should hope for Shi and Z and all the other kids to be happy, healthy, safe and loved. What more can we ask.

  • Haloween Boots

    Zahara’s boots appear to be from her batgirl Halloween costume- one of my nieces wore her red power ranger costume (almost) everyday for months- she grew out of it, but it was really something- she was 3 1/2 at the time. I love Angie’s poncho!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know any little boys who wear ties casually. Time will tell the abuse inflicted on these children. Shiloh does not look like a loved child. Her mother cannot pick her up when she is clearly upset.

    • Anonymous

      Oh bunny balls!

      For crying out load she has her hands full and she should stop and pick up a a kid who’s having a little meltdown?

      If we mothers did that every freaking time the kid boo hooed we’d have Arnold arms!

      I truly believe y’all just can’t get it through your heads that this woman is a good and caring mother and that her kids are happy. Give it a rest, y’all pick on her for every thing and why in hell do you think she owes us anything about her kids? I tell you what if you said some of this crap to a mother’s face she’d slap the stink off you in a heart beat.

      Oh and as far as Suri’s shoes or heels – that’s her parents business – not ours.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous @01:51 – I´m deeply shocked by your comment. How can you even suggest that Shiloh isn´t a loved child? If her parents didn´t love her they wouldn´t even had her in the first place. besides to me it looks like she got something in her eye and is therefore rubbing it. I´ve seen many pics in which Angie carries Shiloh and even kisses her. If that isn´t motherly love then what is. I think that Brad and Angelina love all their children a lot. They don´t care if they are adopted (Maddox, pax and Zahara) or biological (Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne). Those six are equally dear to them. I hope you are not offended but your comment really bothered me.

  • Sam

    These kiddies are so sweet looking. Shame for Shiloh crying. My daughter who is 3.5 has a pair of riding boots that are not dissimilar to Zahara’s. She wears the to riding lessons, the heels keep the boots in the stirrups, and occasionally in the store when we have to run in after a lesson. It’s so odd to me that we judge celebs and their kids on a snapshot out of a day. My daughter has a million different feeling and expressions a day. Including upset and happy in the space of a few minutes frequently. Paparrazzi pics might paint a completely different picture of who we are just by the moments they capture.

  • Anonymous

    The way some of you ppl are going on about Shiloh is crazy.
    She’s not a serial killer, she’s just a tomboy jeeze lol
    Who cares what she wears? I would hate to have one of those boring, ballet-loving hair twirling ‘I wanna be a Princess’ type daughters. How unorginal.
    And to the ppl saying: ‘is she a transexual?’ ‘gay?’ Who cares? It’s 2010, isnt it?

  • Sali

    i never meant to write so much, it just annoys me how people go on about how little girls should dress and judging there parents.
    Anonymous @9.48am summed it up what i wanted to get out.
    I also dont mean to offend anyone.
    and i hope Angie’s twins have style like the rest of the family.

  • Anonymous

    Shiloh Loves her SwaddleDesigns Baby Lovie. So, does my daughter. Cool that Shiloh carries the same blankie as my Katie. What a cutie!

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