Jaime Pressly Talks Love & Babies

Jaime Pressly is loving life as a newlywed!

The My Name Is Earl star recently chatted to OK! magazine about life with her two favorite leading men: Her hubby Simran Singh, who she wed in September, and her 2-year son Dezi.

“This relationship is more romantic, but that doesn’t mean that we are eating spaghetti on the same strand or anything,” Jaime says of her marriage. “We’re not overbearing.”

She adds that the entire concept of romance changes a bit when there’s a 2-year-old in the house!

“A date night for us is being able to get Desi down, cooking dinner, and watching a movie and being able to get through the entire movie without falling asleep,” Jaime says. “We just really love to spend time together and spend time with Desi. He is a really awesome dad with Desi (sic).”

So are there any plans to make Dezi a big brother?

“We were saying we would wait so were not doing anything right this second. I mean, we are having sex, but we aren’t trying,” Jaime reveals, but adds that they might not wait too much longer.

“Hell, who knows? Maybe that will be the conception date!” she laughs of her Valentines Day plans.

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  • Anonymous

    It’s ‘My Name is Earl’ no ‘According to Earl’.

  • Jenny

    Thanks Anonymous. 😉

  • Madchen

    He is so hot. Better looking than a lot of the male actors/celebrities on the site.

  • Alice

    I think the little boy’s name is Dezi?

  • littl3misswise

    Yes Dezi James 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hope she has a girl next time!

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